Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Best Friend

My best friend lives across the street, but he often stops over.
His name is Knut. That is like that polar bear that was famous until it got big.

You say his name Can-oot. But some people get it wrong.
Pat the crossing- guard calls him CANOE.

Someone else thought it was COMMUTE.

Another person thought it was CAMUS. 
That is a French existential writer if you did not know.
Me and Knut have not read him.
My dad calls him TYRONE because he thinks he looks tough.
So he has a lot of names.

It is very hot round here so we are going to my pool.
Keep cool.


  1. Knut could also be named Cute! love that Roman nose...

  2. Hello Buster.

    Some people call these days the dog days of summer. I am so glad that you and Knut get to go splashing. That must make these days fun.

    Best wishes.

  3. Adorable! Knut looks like a lot of fun rolled into a lil dog! :)

  4. I think, I mean Knut, is a wonderful best friend to have!

  5. Hei Buster,
    Knut is a very often Scandinavian name here, too.
    We do not live far from where Scandinavia begins...there and here and in Berlin, the famous Polar Bear, are spoken Knoot, like boot.
    And in Denmark and Norway it becames more a Knyt, but always mind to speak the K or C and N together - funny eh!?!!
    Have to go to a hotel now,
    Gizmo from Germany

  6. Just like Fatty the squirrel, Knut is a regular and how great it is to have your best furiend staying across the street. Stay cool in the scorching heat, Buster.

    Licks, hero

  7. Don't you love having a best friend to go do fun things with you? Happy Summer Buster and Knut. Pat, pat for both of you.

  8. High Buster,

    Knut is an Old High German Name, in Germany many old men namend Knut. We like Knut the Polar Bear, but more we like Knutty and you!! You and your best friend are wonderfull!!

  9. My mom grew up in a "blockhead" community- there were many men named Knut, and Lars, but no one was named Buster...

  10. Thank You so much on how to say Knut's name correctly... He looks like he is a very good friend.
    We love the early puppy pictures of you both.

    Have a good time in the pool.
    It is very hot in the desert where we live, we stay in and nap on the cool tile floors !

    woof, Watson and Hamish

  11. Hi Buster,
    Love seeing your friend Knut! It's so nice to have friends, principally if they live near us, isn't?
    Have a good weekend.

  12. I love when dogs play mouth games...

    Knut is very cute, its nice of you to share your pool.

  13. Knutty is a really adorable dog. You're very lucky to have a best friend buster! I thought Knut was pronounced like "nut" for the longest time! Whoops!

  14. Hi, Buster!
    You know we love Knut since the first time we saw him in your posts!
    Happy Saturday!
    Kisses and hugs

  15. Hi, Dear-

    your dog is a really sweet one- with wonderful eyes :-)
    I just take a look into your dad´s painting-side- I love it! Now I know- from where you got your creative side from :-) Wonderful!

  16. I love your photos and what adorable dogs! And, yes, they are so delightful to photograph and so easy to love and what would we do without them! Thanks for your visit/comment! Sam and Mojo both send a big sloppy kiss! Hope all of you have a great week!

    Sylvia, Sam and Mojo

  17. Ozzy the poodle in Penna.July 19, 2010 at 6:18 AM

    Can-oot is really very ca-ute and so are you.
    I wish I had a best friend.

  18. We haven't visited in a while but are always happy to see Knut because he reminds us of you...loks kinda like your brudder, doncha think? You both have happy faces!