Tuesday, February 12, 2013

More Snow but not a Blizzard

This is me wanting to go out, and the stuff in front of the window is from the builders, who are here for a long time.

There was meant to be a blizzard but here it was just a snow storm. Other people got the blizzard that was bad.

If you look carefully, you can tell this is the fence, but it is like a puzzle.

The good thing about snow is that there might be stuff hidden in it.

This is a very bad picture of me being happy.

This is Olive and Patrick's nose.

This is Olive and Winston.

Me and Olive. Olive has ice stuck on here beard. That is funny.

More of us and Georgia.

Me looking debonaire.

If you have not tried it, snow is good to eat.

A thoughtful pair

talking things over.

I will let you guess what this is*

I hope you are having fun too.




*It is me with a towel on.


  1. * I thought either it was a piece of your pop's fancy artwork, or maybe you got a new coffee table. lol Ozzy The Poodle In Penna.

  2. Buster, you and your Mom's pictures of you and your friends can brighten any day! Thanks for bringing your fun for us to share and enjoy!

  3. So happy you had a snow storm and not a blizzard.
    The 3rd photo of the snow and fence is wonderful.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Oh Buster! Is that really you under the towel? I didn't recognise you without your blue booties. How come you and your friends aren't wearing coats? Olive looks like she has hardly any fur at all! Brrrrr. Maybe you're all very hot blooded. Kissy boo for Valentine's! X

  5. Love U Buster...I get all sappy when I see pics of U...love U running! Great shot. Who said otherwise? Hair blowing in the wind suits U 2 T IMHO xxxcg

  6. Buster that really was a lot of fun! You're lucky to have a Mum who takes such great pics of you and your friends, and the snow.

  7. Buster, seeing you and your friends having a great time frolicking in the snow makes me happy, too.

    You frolic very well!

    There might be just a little bit more snow this afternoon. Keep a lookout at your window.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  8. the ghost scared me. the fence looks lumpy. I love you in your winter coat, You look so fancy.We do not have snow this time. I am glad. Love, Your buddy, Dexter.

  9. Dear Buster,
    Sounds you and your friends had a great time running on the snow. What a cute blue shoes!
    Mom took great photos. You always looks very happy!
    Love seeing you with a towel on. (This photo remember me of Flora... she had fun with a towel on.)

  10. Olive is magnificent, she looks like a blizzard
    Yet you are always my favorite - from running happy to debonair to towel dry, you are wonderful Buster

    Once, when my son was a baby, he ate snow that was yellow. I will let you guess who had been there right before him. It was not a good thing but he lived and now denies it

  11. Your world as seen through the camera and your mom's words makes me feel I want to be a dog again!