Thursday, March 7, 2013

Back to Normal and Some Things I have Heard About

They have come back from their vacation, which is a good thing.

Although I am a dog they left a KAT in charge of me. That is funny because she is called that when her name is really Kathleen.

This is Charlotte at the park yesterday.
Now I will tell you some things that happen abroad.*

There are donkeys that are made to work.

They have to stand in the street for a long time and do not have names. Just Mule or Donkey.

There are little birds like sparrows but they are called TWEIR.

There are big birds like RAMBO

and Michael.

This is a dog that looks a bit like Enzo.

This is a dog that looks pretty much like itself.

There are a lot of cats that like to sleep a lot.

I like to do that too.

So that is all you need to know about foreign places. I hope you are well and cheerful.






  1. Hello Buster, seeing your post and knowing that you've got your Mom and Dad back in town makes me happy.

    Last week I saw a very large bird flying over West 79th Street. I think it was a hawk. It landed on the top of a sort of tall building and looked very grand. I got on a bus, so I don't know how long the hawk stayed on the building. Watch out for that bird.

    Best wishes.

  2. Glad mum and dad are home safely Buster :)

  3. Sure you are happy having them back, right?
    They saw pretty creatures there!
    The same happens with donkeys and horses here... hmmm...
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  4. WOW WOOF BUSTER I can not believe that your people went away to another land where donkeys have jobs and cats rule. Why would they want to go there? Glad you stayed home!The short dog in the other land has a sweet face like you.
    Your pal,

  5. Even though the donkeys work, which makes me sad, I see that their harnesses are well padded so that their humans do care to keep them as comfortable as possible. And the cats! I will remember to pack kibble when I go to Marrakech -- I live with only 9 cats so yes, I will travel to Africa to see CATS.

    And dogs, too, but I heard that the Prophet preferred cats so dogs have to make do.

  6. Buster, I'm so glad your people have come home! I hope the KAT took you to the park while they were gone. I would like to see a picture of a KAT walking a dog. Love, Ozzy The Poodle In Penna.

  7. Oh I did feel sorry for some of the donkeys I saw in Morocco, Buster, but these dogs and cats look in good shape! Glad your folks are back safely!

  8. Buster it must be wonderful for life to be back to normal! Fancy your humans taking off to far flung exotic places........ poor mule, poor horse. Oh dear.
    Is it still snowing there? don't forget your boots will you.

  9. Glad to hear everyone's back safe and sound. Poor thing, having to listen to a Kat.

  10. Everyone is saying that Hemingway and Sartre hung out at La Closerie de Lilas in Paris. Have you considered dropping by Buster?
    I'm crazy for your writing no matter the subject. You have a fine way of putting things. Keep at it. Big things are in store.
    A fan..

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  12. Dear Buster I am glad your Mom and Dad are home safe and sound!
    Love the photos, principally of the dogs and donkeys.
    Morocco sounds an exotic and amazing place indeed.
    Kisses and hugs to all of you.


  13. You know, Buster could write his own travel reviews on Trip advisor... they would be such a hit!

  14. I have learned all I need from you once again dear Buster
    glad your people are home, did they bring you gifts?

  15. I just so happened upon this post when I Googled something, and your picture was one that popped up under Google images. It had nothing to do with dogs, but when I saw you...I just had to click on the link to see if there was other pictures of you, because you look like my childhood doggie I had growing up. Her name was Fluffy. I'm glad to see that you were a rescue, and that you were adopted by what seems to be good people, since they let you have a blog and all. :) You're adorable Buster, I hope you are living it up!

    Best regards,
    A pet groomer from Ohio... <3