Friday, June 21, 2013

Midsummer Madness at the Dog Park

We have got even more new pools at the park!

Charlotte is telling me important stuff about swimming.

James is telling me I can swim with Charlotte.

Ruka is about to jump in.

This new pool is shaped like a bone.

You can see I like it because I am jumping in it.

This is Atty and his noble reflection.

This is him and some watery water.

Charlotte is the Queen of the pool. She is in the big one

and in the little one.

She can put her nose underwater.

This is her and me and Baxter.

This is a picture James took of Charlotte.  It is funny.

This is me and my good friend Big. Did you notice I got a hair cut?

I hope you have a super weekend.




  1. I noticed your haircut and you ability to make bubbles in the water- you are so cool! I also noticed that Biggie did not become less after his television stardom...You are so lucky to have clean pools in Hollywood shapes to play in- We have gigantic mud puddles and salt water that smells like ducks. We have to get bathed after we romp in the water here. I just say "no". We are wet all of the time anyway- from the sky. I hope that you have a great summer time in the city. I am having a great summer time on the sofa.

  2. I was also going to comment on Biggie still being - how can I put this without hurting his feelings - big. But he looks happy and that is all that matters. You all look like you are having so much fun with each other. Nice to see everyone gets along. It must have been hot for everyone to be going swimming.
    Stay cool

  3. Buster, Your mom is so good at taking pictures. It looks as you and your friends are holding their poses for her .
    Is Charlotte planning to practice for the Olympics? She seems like more than a casual swimmer. You, as usual,
    look very handsome, and intent on everything going on around you. Your summer is getting off to a good start!

  4. awwwwwwwwwwww, just the best summer with sunshine, water and really cute pools !
    You lucky doggie !

    woofs from Watson and thehamish
    cheers, parsnip

  5. The summer cut makes you look very dapper! Glad you're all having so much fun and staying cool! :)

  6. Buster, you all do know how to have fun in the sun. Your summer hair style is great and I can see that Charlotte is definitely the pool queen.

    I was in Central Park this week and saw a dog swimming in the Lake. The water is much cleaner in your pools...but the swimming might be better in the Lake.

    Best wishes.

  7. hey king B,

    good to see you city paws have places to swim in as well. paps and bossy woman have been taking me swimming too, the bought me a small pool once but i didn't swim in it. i like lakes and rivers.

    charlotte certainly is a queen, but i don't think queens should be sticking out their tongues at others. i'm told it's impolite, like burping is which why i get scolded a lot.

    have a cool summer

    wuf from the dog

  8. Wow, they look after you and your friends well in your park! I bet you're happy about your haircut when it's hot and humid. Do the humans get to paddle in the pools too or would that just be rude? Your mum takes great pics - I love the light and colours in them. Happy swimming, Buster xx

  9. I can't swim, so really jealous of you dear Buster :)

  10. the pools are wonderful Buster!!
    you and your friends look like you're cool and happy
    have a great weekend, don't let fireworks scare you


  11. Hey Buster, Atty looks like Bruce, except Bruce is black and white... you look like you are having so much fun..

  12. It's too hot to blog, isn't it, Buster?

  13. It's even too hot to blog, isn't it, Buster?

  14. Oops, I've just read this post about the new pools Buster!