Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Winter by Buster

As you know, winter is when it is cold and they make you wear stuff to go out like boots. Milan and I both have blue boots because we have the same size feet.

This is me and a puppy.

This is me on top of the upside-down swimming pool.

This is Patrick with purple boots because his feet are bigger than mine. His toenails come through the boots because this is what happens.

Here is a picture of Knutty from when we went over to his house.

This is me at home wondering when I will ever go out.

I am on the new ottoman.

Last Saturday it was not snowing for a wonder  - and guess who came to the park? It was my old friend Sid that I have not seen for a long time.

Here we are looking 'picturesque' -  which means we could be in a picture.

Then it snowed again yesterday.

This is me in the lobby with snow on.

I have put in this picture of me with my sister though she has gone back to work now.

So this is all that has happened round here. I hope you are having a more exciting time than me.





  1. Dear Buster, you & your friends look cold out there. What is it like to wear booties? I've never had anything on my paws, but I LOVE snow and get snowballs between my toes so these might come in handy sometimes. We get mostly rain so I probably need flippers more. That's really good your dog park stays open all winter. It would be hard to keep up with friends otherwise. Happy winter & see you later,
    love Isla

    p.s. my mum wrote this

  2. Dogs wearing booties make me giggle. I can't get Buddy to wear those.

  3. Too bad we can't even out the snow fall. We are missing ours and are well prepared to take on a big storm if it would only happen. Our friends in California are eating dust and living in smog, they are so dry. I'm glad you are prepared for big snow with your cool boots. Love those big brown eyes.

  4. I don't know about that, Watson and thehamish would love to go out for walks, even in the snow to meet friends and run around with them. Such fun !
    Plus all the great sniffs.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. We love your snow boots, Buster.
    It is very cold here, but no snow yet.
    We are hopeful, even though we have no boots.
    Edward and Apple


  6. Ho win the world do you keep the little booties on?
    I got bruce a pair for the slippery wooden floors and he walked funny and had such a pathetic look on his face.

    Then the slipped down and off.

    Clearly the snow boots are an option.

    Lovely to see you looking so, "picture-scew"

  7. Hello Buster. This snow was a good snow yesterday when it was falling and the wind was blowing. Today it is not very pretty, and it is a good day to wear those boots because there is lots of stuff on the ground to make the snow melt more quickly.

    I like the photographs of you on the new red ottoman. Red is a very good color for you.

    I really like the photo of you and your sister.

    Hope to see you soon. Best wishes.

  8. Buster how exciting! Snow, old friends, sisters and.........snow boots!

    Happy Winter!

  9. LOVE the group shot at the top and all the handsome booties!

  10. You and Sid look like you could be brother except you are hairy and he is not.

    I like your booties.

    I don't have to wear booties. But I would like to visit the snow.

    Love from Ramses

    1. Dear Ramses
      You can come to my dog park whenever you like!
      You could even try my booties which are against the chemicals to melt the snow!

  11. Dear Buster, love all these photos!
    So cute seeing you and your friends wearing booties.
    You are gorgeous and so comfortable on the beautiful new ottoman.
    So lovely the embrace of you and your sister! :) :)

  12. Wow, you are having a lot of snow over there, while my pooches are squelching around in a sea of mud from all the rain we're having. Snow is much prettier! and so are you on your new ottoman.These are such fun pics!

  13. I hope 2014 proves to be a good year for you and yours.