Saturday, July 4, 2009

Some Things I Like

This is Adam. He came from England to see me.

Sometimes I lick his ear. Sometimes I lick his feet.

This is Marley. He is fat and has a pink tongue.
He does not like to go for walks. He has studs on his collar.

This is Rosie. She wanted to jump off the bench and play with me.

We live in America. You can tell that by the flag.
Some famous people died. They put decorations on the
 window so we can remember them.

When I come in from my walk, I often get treats.
Here I am waiting for Nick to give me one.
I am very famous in my building.

This is Claudia rubbing my ears.

It is a holiday today.
I hope you have fun.

Love from


  1. You certainly are a popular pup! Happy Fourth to you and your family!

  2. You have pretty people around you, mine, not so much...this is the holiday that makes me scared all the time and I cry and shake and the booms are big and there is no place to hide.This is the worst day for me and the kitty...the bird doesn't mind - he is his own fourth of July every day! He is in the basement now, for being loud.

  3. you're famous in more than just your building :)

    you have wonderful friends and family

    Happy 4th Buster

  4. Buster is soooo cute! No wonder that he's faous in his building :) Hugs and kisses from D'Ora!

  5. baxter says hello from ling on the bed with his mum and dad... all warm because they have the electric blanket on.

  6. Hi Buster! Sorry I haven't been over to see you lately. If you have been to my blog you know things are a bit crazy at my house. Please forgive me. I'm glad you had fun with your sister. I'm famous in my neighborhood too...but not for being cute...for being loud! I like to bark.
    Love and hugs,

  7. Hello Buster,

    This is your very first Fourth of July. Hoping that you won't mind the noisy fireworks too much. Like a thunderstorm, but without the rain part. Although sometimes fireworks also do come with rain.

    Best wishes.

  8. Aww.. Buster, you are adorable!

  9. Hi Buster, don't you just love all the attention from hoomans... they can't help it coz you're adorable.

  10. Sweet Buster...hope you had a fun 4th of July--and that the fireworks didn't scare you too much. :o) ((HUGS))