Friday, July 31, 2009

The Tale of the Toy

I am sitting outside Petland discounts.
It is my best shop. They have Science Diet and toys and stuff for
 people who have who have fishes in their houses.

Because I have been good, Mum bought me a toy.
Dad is taking it out of the bag.

It is beautiful. It has yellow feet and goes "Tweet Tweet, Tweet.
It is the same colors as the beach towel on my chair.

I love it so much  I do not want anyone else to go near it.

Very soon I have got the stuffing out.
Then I got the tweeter out.

This is the tweeter near Mum's keys.
She was very mad.  She said, "Buster, a toy should last more than 20 minutes.
This tweeter is DANGEROUS."
She telephoned the toy company. She e-mailed the toy company. 
Mum does not often get mad.

Now my bird is dead.
Mum has put the tweeter somewhere. I heard it.

Note from Mum:
Avoid "Chirpies" plush dog toys sold under the "Ethical Products" (Bloomingfield) label.
There was a disclaimer "To ensure safety, your pet should be supervised when playing with toys."
The toy became dangerous within 20 minutes.
Had Buster eaten the wires etc etc........ I do not care to think.
No prizes for guessing where this item was manufactured.....


  1. Oh Buster! Thank goodness Mum pays attention!

    My JR once almost choked on a silly bell inside a toy, people who make toys need to be smarter

    You would have liked JR - he was a cat but he never gave mean looks.

    I think your bird is lovely without the stuffing or the tweet

  2. Yes, I'm glad your Mum pays attention and you're okay. I agree with Dianne, your bird does look lovely without the tweeter.

    Take care,
    Paz xoxo

  3. Dear Buster,

    Thank goodness your happy bird day turned out well in the end.

    I am hopeful that a bird without its stuffing can still be a tweet ~ oh dear, it has lost its tweet hasn't it - poor thing.



  4. Buster, your mommy loves you.

    Toys never lasted more than 20 minutes with Ralphy either, so don't feel sad.

  5. I love, love, love the first picture of him with the toy in his mouth! Oh, how precious! Those sad eyes look so beautiful. Too bad the toy didn't last long! But, thankful, that you were there when he took the tweeter out. I'm on constant alert as well with anything that I give my dogs (regardless of what the product states). I have one who wouldn't have bothered to tear the toy to pieces at all; but, then, I have another one that is a handful and would've done exactly what Buster did...including biting and tearing the tweeter apart.

  6. Wow, Buster, that was close!

    I am so glad that your mom was nearby. I agree with her that you are very good.

    Best wishes.

  7. Buster, do you chew up things in the house you are not supposed to? Just wondering...some dogs get in trouble for that, but you never seem to. Or, perhaps you prefer not to talk about it.

  8. Buster-

    I dont' know that your habit of tearing toys apart will make you the receiver of more, new toys. They can get expensive you know! I am glad that you didn't decide to try to eat the "tweeter" it would have given you a horrible tummy ache and your parents a horrible head ache!

  9. Oh Buster, you aren't supposed to eat the bird....just toss it around a bit!!

    You are such a sweet and handsome guy. I'm sure your mom will find you another toy soon!

  10. You are so handsome, Buster! Glad you avoided disaster with that toy.
    Your pal,

  11. I'm so glad you are OK. it is a wicked world out there where people will do anything to make a buck, even sell a poorly designed toy with a reassuring label to a puppy in New York City.

  12. love it. i just love the way you think. carefully of knocking the stuffing out of anything though: you never know what you might find.

  13. So much for ethical..

    and you can still relive the triumph of killing hte boird over and over and over again...without the tweeter.

    20 minutes is a long time for a bird to live.

  14. Shocked to read of that dangerous toy!! Bad toy company! You are lucky to be so loved you are protected.
    Love from Honey & LeoXX

  15. Buster, you are soooo cute! I absolutely love the 3rd picture. Mom says you have got the cutest muzzle and she would love to plant some smoochies on it. I can see how you fell in love with that toy. It is, I mean was very pretty. Tell your Mom to give you a couple years and you might let toys last a little longer than 20 min.
    Love and hugs,