Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Masterwerk*

I have recently been asked where I get my inspiration from.
Like many artists before me, I draw it from everyday life.
This me and Buck and IanDownTheHall buying fruit on the corner.

This is me looking at Fatty.

This is a portrait Mum took of me with my masterwork Headless Squirrel.

I am grateful to Mum and my many sponsors in public
 and private collections who have allowed me to complete
 my rigorous examination of the zeitgeist.
According to Professor Joba of The Tappan Academy:
Buster's work is way cool. Except he took my idea. 
My squirrel is more messed up than his. 

This is Benny's latest: SuperSlobber.


That is German. I mostly speak dog.


  1. Buster - I love the art! The way that you delicately removed the head without signigicant damage to the rest of the body is inspired! Bravo!

  2. is Benny the same Benny who did the tennis ball slobber work on the dog park rocks? I enjoy new artists

    your work stands alone Buster
    no one can compare

  3. Hey there B, hope you didn't eat the head!
    Your pal,

  4. Ah yes, the life of an artist.
    Is there anything better??

  5. This was one of your funniest posts ever. Thank you for all of that dry (i.e. slobberless) humor! Hugs with love

  6. Your blog inspires me. I wonder if has fatty seen your latest werk.

  7. WRF! You are the BEST! I am not sure why my person is laughing- I take your art very seriously, I am in awe!

  8. I respect how you've channeled your feelings about Fatty into your art. I don't think anyone who sees Headless Squirrel will forget the Sturm und Drang that Fatty has brought to your life. (Strum und Drang is also German, but you probably knew that)

  9. Sure Headless Squirrel is a great inspiration for you!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. Buster, You know Baxter reads your blog every day, dont you?

    And I especially appreciate the way you got the fur to clump realistically on the headless squirrel. Fine attention to detail.

  11. Hi Buster,

    Did you get the inspiration for your masterwork on headless squirrel from Fatty?

    Licks, hero

  12. I enjoyed reading about how you get your inspiration.