Friday, May 6, 2011

Charlotte, my sister and some Very Big Dogs

This is Charlotte looking extra beautiful.

That is because she has her tongue out.

This is Z with two humans. You may recognize one of them.

This is a very funny picture and everyone said it was OK to put it in!
Mum said it is better sometimes not to say things.

Anyway, a puppy came to the park and all the humans drooled -- as usual.

 I will have to admit that his ears are pretty cool.

I think the puppy was a bit surprised when Milo was telling something shocking to Biggie.

Then some really big dogs came past with people sitting on them.
Then I went home.

This is a picture of me my sister took before she went back to England.
Actually, I do not feel as bad a I look.

Have a good weekend.





  1. Oh Buster - you look sad that your sister had to go home - she will be back to see you. And Charlotte is very beautiful. Is that Biggie's dad?

  2. I needed a smile this morning and thanks to you I feel so much better. Wonderful photos today ! love the one with Milo and Biggie.

    woof, Watson and Hamish
    cheers, parsnip

  3. Charlotte is indeed beautiful. The funny pic with the lack of comment of those two enjoying the sun made me smile. Sorry your sister had to leave. Hope you have sun for the weekend.

  4. What a day, wow! So much fun!

    I love the human with the dog on his lap. They look a like, I think.

    And the puppy, loved the puppy. As usual.

    Hope your visit with your Sister was wonderful. I bet it was.

  5. That puppy was really cute- but no one can compare with you. You're the cutest!!!

  6. Hey Buster, over here the special sniffing police dogs have just had their first litter, and are looking for names.

    Of course what better name for a drug sniffing dog, than Buster!!

  7. Hello Buster,

    Your sister has taken a very good portrait photo of you. It captures your soulful, handsome face.

    Best wishes.

  8. you don't look bad, just a little sad
    don't worry, I'm sure sister will visit again soon
    those very big dogs look a lot like horses, I would check into that if I were you

    have a happy weekend Buster
    and give hugs to your Mum

  9. You are an entertaining blogger, Buster!

  10. I am glad to know Charlotte! It's great to have a sister.
    Sounds you had a nice time with your friends.
    The puppy, your new friend is lovely.
    But you are the more beautiful than all them.
    Much Love,
    Sonia and Flora.

  11. Your blog is very entertaining Buster:)
    Have a nice week:)
    Greetings from,

  12. Buster yes those are some bug dogs and humans can't help but to drool over the little ones. Once they get big they go on to the next puppy

  13. dear buster, i met those Very Big Dogs before too. they go round and round one of the parks i go to. they're scary. i don't know what they eat to get so big.

    my human had a good laugh wheh she saw that picture that it's better not to say anything about.

    big hugs xox georgia

  14. Buster, I spent Thursday's beautiful afternoon on the westside waterfront and walked by your park, which I recognized from your excellent photos! I looked for you but I don't think you were there. Daisy Mae was up in Riverdale, but next time we're in town maybe we'll come down for a romp.

  15. Buster, it has been a long time since I've visited your blog. I'd forgotten how clever, wise and funny you are - not to mention beautiful. It's good to be back.