Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Ponder a Bunch of Things and Good News

I have not done my blog for a bit because my mum has not helped me

so I have lots of things to show you. This is Knut when
 we climbed up some steps. We could be in a movie.

One day a van stopped near my house with lots of dogs on top of it. I do not think it is safe to sit on the top of a van because you might fall off. But none of them did fall off, and they gave our mailman and other people some free samples. I ate mine.

On another day we met another Buster when we were on our walk.
 I now know four Busters, that is me and three other ones.

This is me lying on the sofa in the late afternoon. 
 I am thinking it is about time they gave me my dinner.

Sometimes I think about art. This is a very good painting of a dog
 by someone who paints on windows. It is a little bit like Charlotte who I like.

This dog looks mean, so I do not know why he got his picture painted.
 He is fat which is what happens when you eat too much.

If you look carefully you can see that Dexter is making
 a shadow like a wolf. This is pretty clever .

This is Hodges looking like Hodges. He only got in because he has not been in the blog for a bit.

Ditto Bodhi who lives downstairs from me.

This is a very big fly. They are not usually that big, which is why it is in an art gallery.
Knutty is in the picture too, but you can only just see him.

The good news is that the pool is back at the park!

I hope you are having a really good weekend.





  1. Yay for the pool - that means it's warmer.

    here we are rugging up and DOn is making a neon orange tshirt specially for the Hound.

    There are lots of fittings as he is designing it, which is met my protest growls.

  2. Yay for the pool form me too!

    Just loved your post today Buster - full of wisdom, observations and Serious Rufflections!

    Nice you gave Hodges and Bodhi a turn on the blog.

  3. You have so many wonderful friends. I'm glad your mom FINALLY helped you put together a post. ;-)

    I really like your "Thinking" photo. And I like the giant fly at the gallery and the line of red men on the wall above your thinking place. Your dad does good work.

  4. Buster, I've missed you. Please do NOT tell my dogs about the vans that drive around giving out dog food. I know my dogs would try to find them.

  5. Buster's back! We all missed you -- me, my husband and my son. We all love you!

  6. Buster, I would be having a better weekend if I did not need to be working on both Sat and Sun, but I do thank you for your good wishes.

    I loved all these photos that your Mom has taken, and hope that pretty soon I will be seeing you.

    Let's try to figure out how we all might get up to Central Park. Maybe this month? I think that you would love it.

    Best wishes.

  7. I think Hodges and Bohdi are very lucky to have a generous friend like you who lets them be in his blog! I have enjoyed your fact, it has made my day :) It is getting warmer where you are and you have your pool back. My dogs, Scarlett and Harry are starting to wear their coats on our morning walks, because it is getting winter here :(

  8. Hodges looks like a mixture of Edward and Apple, all rolled into one dog!!
    I love that photo of you in the afternoon light, Buster! You are so handsome!

  9. There are four Busters? But you are the prettiest and smartest of all! I really enjoyed your coverage about the things that happened to you.

  10. Love that shot of you on the couch Buster, the late afternoon sun makes you look golden - and of course in our eyes, you are xx

  11. this is one of your best posts ever Buster
    there is art and dogs on vans and so many of your wonderful friends

  12. Why is there another DEXTER? They must have thought that I had a really good name and copied- just like those other Busters.
    I like the dog truck with food bits! I want that job!
    I have two friends loosing their families this week because the people are selfish. I am sad about this.

  13. Buster - I am so jealous that it's warm enough for you to have the pool back. It's FREEZING out here!

    Enjoy the good weather,

  14. Buster!

    Nice to see you and all your friends again, especially Hodges who I have missed. I haven't seen Bondi before and think she has a beautiful face. I love the picture of Knut in the window it's really cool.

    My favorite picture is of Dexter and his shadow! I can almost hear him howling!

    Happy that the water is back, that is a sure sign that it's spring!

    Happy walks!

  15. Hi Buster,

    The truck looks like a giant food dispenser... hope you got some yummy nommies. I love the many happenings at your neighborhood, there are many artist too, including you ;) Glad the pool is open at the park.

    Licks, hero

  16. Hello Buster! Just to let you know that I have joined the ranks of your admirers! I live in Wales (your Mom will know where that is, and could point at it on a map if you are interested in such things.) I would love to have a dog of my own, but am not really well enough to commit to daily walks in all weathers. We have a garden, but any dog worth his salt would be able to get through the gaps in the hedges.
    Over the last few days I have read your life story as it has been since your adoption, and am really happy for you that you have found such a lovely Mom and Dad, and have such nice friends.
    Will keep checking in for updates on your days!

  17. Buster-

    You have such a lot of friends. I know that some of them aren't even in this blog. Wow - you are one popular pup!

  18. Hi dear Buster!
    You have so many wonderful friends and look you had a great time with them.
    LOVE you lying on the sofa!
    Sending a big kiss to you.

  19. Buster, I love your observations. You see some really cool things and have good-looking friends. That's a great picture of you on the couch. I like that you think about art!