Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Glorious Technicolor and Olive tries to Kiss Me

Thank you to everyone who went in for my quiz. You are all very good sports and very smart. The prize went to Isla who was the quickest.  Mum has got a new lens on her phone which is maybe not a good idea.

Here is Señor Knut at his house yesterday.

This is Senor Knut with his muffler on.

Here is all of us wanting a treat. Charlotte's family was sorry she was not in the quiz, so she is here today and you can read her name on her collar. It is also Dede and Hodges and me and Benny.

This is me and Charlotte

and Enzo grinning like an ape and his tail is almost like a cigar with smoke coming out of it. 

This is Massimo aka Massi.

Olive likes kissing people. This is her and Dana.

She has a very nice beard.

This is her near me.

I am not sure I want to be kissed, so I look horrified, but I mostly like Olive.

Because it is the winter my fur is long and fuzzy.

This is so I can stay warm when I am asleep.

I hope you are well and cheerful as I am.





  1. What a wonderful post today.
    I love the look on your face when Olive gave you a kiss.

    cheers, parsnip
    woofs from The Square Ones

  2. Buster! You must learn not look horrified when a lady wants to give you a kiss. I know you are only 4, but it will matter someday. Just pretend she's going to give you a treat, which, in her mind, she is.
    Now that I've scolded you a tiny bit, I must say that is the funniest face I have ever seen on you; it has made my day. It made me laugh out loud, and you know how loud that can be. Thank you.

  3. I LOVE your Mum's new lens! It takes great shots, but for some reason I especially like the way it treats tails!

    Seems like a lot of Love at the dog park, which is nice expect for the surprise kiss! Maybe you and Olive can just be friends. A little kiss on the cheek and a few sniffs should be the limit.


  4. The photo with Olive trying to kiss you made us laugh...
    and yes, her beard is huge and looks a bit like a walrus.
    But all other pix are lovely, too!
    Love from Germany ♥
    Beatrice and Gizmo

  5. I want to kiss Olive! Don't YOU like kissing Olive, Buster? Does she have fish breath? Knut is looking very distinguished I must say. Señor suits him. X

  6. Hello there Buster,
    We are all cheery and well, thank you!
    Now really, I had good intentions of entering your quiz but I've been a bit busy.
    Heavens Buster, stay away from that kissing and cuddling business, it'll get you into trouble my man.
    (Fred from The Team said to pass that bit of advice on to you)


  7. Buster, I have missed you!
    It was so hot here, Bruce lay in front of the air con all day on his back with his pink belly up.
    I love your mum's new lens - maybe she will tell me what it is??

  8. I seriously laughed out loud at that horrified face you are making. The super bright colors are a nice break from all the winter blands.

  9. Oh Buster...pls come to Paris..you would be such a hit here & you could show all these small dogs a thing or two!! Missing Monsieur B...

  10. Awwwww....I like that Buster has a favorite stick that he takes with him when he naps after a hard day's work in the playground. I too have a favorite stick that I like to take with me when I rest after a hard days' work at the office, but mine isn't made of wood and it tastes like Pinot Grigio.

  11. your horrified look is priceless!!
    Mum's new lens does fine work, then again it's really her eye

    I would kiss Olive, she does indeed have a fine beard

    all your friends are wonderful

  12. Technicolor was made for you and your pals, Buster. Every one of these photos and the accompanying captions is a gem. It is very hard to pick a favorite, but Olive's kiss might just win by a nose. Has she ever tried that before?

    Your winter coat looks very luxurious. Best wishes.

  13. It's so nice to meet you and some of your friends, Buster. My friend Roberta told me about you.
    Olive's beard looks wet - I'd make her dry her face before kissing.

  14. I love your longer fur Buster, very handsome. And Knut looks good in that scarf! :)

  15. Knutty is looking quite handsome.

    Or maybe it is just the lens.

    Love from Ramses.

  16. I sniff your pictures but they just smell like plastic- My mum thinks that you are hilarious- I don't get it. You are just doing what you do best and Olive is way to affectionate...I met a dog from Africa yesterday- He was weird and did not speak English. Wags!
    Dexter, your pal.

  17. wuf king B,

    your woollies would be good over here just now as it's a tad on the chilly side, and your pal knutty would be lost in the snow for him being so white! i sleep i just like you, tail tickling my nose...

    it was good to see charlotte, i like her a lot. olive...i think i would have looked like you as well if she tried any funny business with me.

    stay warm!

    the dog