Sunday, August 2, 2009


This baby saw Knut.

Knut loves babies.

He decided to lick its nose.

This is a baby that looks like a bat. He is 12 weeks old.
Next time I see him I will ask his name.

These dogs live in handbags.
I do not think this would be a very nice life.

This is me saying good morning to Knut's mum.
Hope you are having a good weekend.
It is raining here.

Love from


  1. BUSTER, my people brought us back to our real house after so many long time days somewhere else- it was fun and I am going to snooze pretty soon.
    Those human babies are not to be trusted- fair warning- they pinch for no reason and will sit on you. I hide from short ones because if I bite them I get yelled at...
    I met a dog, he is my cousin, when we were on the island- His name is Cosmo and he is about as big as maybe your NOSE, he fits in a coin purse- he fits in a child's sock- his people "wear" him and he never gets to use his legs much. They are scared that he is too small for this world and will get squished.
    I read about your new toy- that makes me grrr alot in an angry tone.My people buy tougher toys for me but they are difficult to find because I have strong teeth and shaking- the -life -out- of things- skills.I have a leaopard made by "Sergeants" that hasn't come apart yet... my person stitches holes I make with dental floss so that I can not make the insides come out. The best toy I ever get is my boy's sock tied in a knot- I can not kill it no matter how much I shake it and tug on it. My people put a rubber squeeker in it so I know when my job is well done- it feels my power. POWER TO THE POOCHES!

  2. Hei Buster,
    it is good when kids are not afraid of dogs/animals and when they get used to us early and when the parents don't mind us licking them (some still get really hysteric though)...
    I am not really used to small kids, but older ones are fun...
    have a nice weekend further; ours is almost over!
    Gizmo from Europe

  3. you meet the most interesting people and animals Buster
    I love Knut, he's a good boy
    and bat dog is a cutie

    but you are still my #1 Buster

  4. Hi Buster, babies smooth face is fun to lick... you should ask mommy to let you try one day. Why are the dogs in the handbags? I don't think I'll like that too.

  5. Love that nose lick...hehehe! Life in a, it doesn't look too grand, does it? I'm so glad your mummy doesn't have handbag dogs. Happy Day to you & your mum, Buster ((HUGS))

  6. Buster -

    I am glad you are getting rain. We are finally drying out after over 3 inches of rain this past week - very unusual for Texas in Summer! I am with you - I wouldn't want to live in a purse either!

  7. hahameow...dogs that live in purses. You always make us laugh with your realdog observations! Your mommy ought to write a book of your blog, it would be a big seller and make you lots of green papers to buy toys with.