Friday, January 27, 2012

The Dance of the White Dogs

Most dogs at the park are brown like me and Flash

but two of the new ones are white. That is Olive and Dorry who like dancing.

They are still young. I sometimes dance (mostly at home)

but today I re-purposed the box that Dad's toaster that he got for his birthday came in. Dad said there was an article in the paper about reimagined vintage pieces. He wanted to know how that was different from junk. I could not help him.

I hope you are having fun too and will have a good weekend.





  1. You are always having fun. I like the two new dogs. Good job on the cardboard, Buster.

  2. They do like to dance... pups are like that.
    I was going to ask about Olive. She looks like a puppy and look at those paws ! Do you know what kind of Pup she is ? I have fallen in love with her face an her all over gawkiness.

    woof, Watson and Hamish
    cheers, parsnip

  3. Reimagined vintage pieces--haha! Yes, sounds like a fancy name for junk. But trash and treasure seem to be relative. I wonder how many baths your white friends have in a week, or maybe, a day? They sure look very clean and pretty in your post photos.

  4. You keep going on your art path, dont let fancy new spins on divert you...

  5. The two new white dogs are nice when dancing, but who played the music? :)
    I see you did an "Extreme makover Box edition" again :)
    Have a good weekend Buster.

  6. Your new white friends are beautiful, Buster!
    Love seeing you re-purposed the box. Love all your photos as always I did!
    Have a good weekend, dear Buster, with Mom and Dad.

  7. jaja and woof- I re-imagined a leg of lamb today. It was easy- in one end and out the other- I am so creative!
    your buddy,

  8. You have so many furiends, Buster... and they come in all sizes and colors. I like your new re-purposed art work ;)

    Licks, hero

  9. it is so nice to see some new art from you!

    love the white dogs, they're good dancers