Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Mixed Few Days

This is a dog called SnowWhite.

Mum met her at a party where they had Maltese rescue dogs. I did not go to that party and Sasha got in trouble because she did not want all the little dogs in her house and one can scarcely blame her.

That was on the same day that Henry came over. 
If they had to choose between us, Henry would win.

I am allowed to watch him play, but if I take any of his toys to my bed to chew them, they come and take them away.

This morning Elly and Knut came over with her hat that is made of an alpaca.

This is me wearing it and I am not happy.

This is a picture of little dogs at the park.

This is me.

I hope you are having a better time.





  1. Oh Buster,

    So much sharing! It's not easy. But, better Henry than a house full of dogs you don't know, right? Plus, Henery's really cute, in a kid sort of way!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Luckily, they don't have to choose between you and Henry. That Henry sure is a cutie. I can see why you didn't like the Alpaca hat, you're more of a baseball hat kind of dog.

  3. Oh Buster, Oh Buster !
    Sometimes being a sibling is a very hard thing.
    But you know they will never choose between you or Henry.
    Just wait till Henry gets older and he learns the joy of playing ball or tug ! Oh what fun you will have.

    woof, Watson and Hamish

  4. You and Henry are both very cute. I'd keep you both, and I think your Mum and Dad will too! Happy New Year Buster! Pat pat.

  5. cheer up, buster! i know the patience character hides well just when you need him... think happy thoughts, you got to play with knut, and one day henry will share and play with you, too.

  6. dear Buster,

    you look like a poodle in that hat. what's going on? Henry sure has grown.

    love, Gerogia x

    p.s. littledogs.....PHooooey! [although there ARE some that are ok like my friends darcy, aggie, indie, millie, pearl and josie.]

  7. Henry is just going through a phase - he's still at the puppy stage. Before you know it, he will be your best friend, and you can get up to mischief together.

  8. Buster, it's not going to be long before Henry is going to really enjoy playing with you much more than any of his toys. You two are going to have lots of fun.

    That little white dog with the button eyes looks a bit like a toy dog. I think that your eyes are much better, more expressive and very photogenic.

    Do you notice that there is more daylight now? I wake up earlier. How about you?

    Best wishes.

  9. Buster, no offense but with that alpaca hat on, you bear a striking resemblance to Elizabeth Taylor.

  10. What a popular pup Buster is!! He is the talk of the town and knows all the very best dogs in the city. You are very lucky to be his person! Yes indeed! He introduces you to so many nice people and k 9's too!


  11. Ha, you look great with the fur on Buster!

    I'm still amazed that everyone is wearing gloves and beanies over there whilst we're all wearing shorts and t-shirts in Oz! Seems a long time ago that it was that cold for us.

  12. they would choose Henry AND you Buster
    there's love for all
    don't be maudlin now, it doesn't suit your sweet joyful spirit
    the alpaca hat looks just like my hair when I wake up
    imagine that

  13. Oh, Buster, I feel your pain. Not about Henry; he just is, but that hat! Oh, the abuse you endure just to make us smile. Even Knutty looked amused. I am sure that photo is worth a handful of yummy biscuits.

  14. oh
    the photo
    where you watch over henry playing
    with his little green toy...

    THAT one...

    i can tell you want that toy
    you do NOT
    go after it...

    that photo melts my heart!

    {{Good Boy!
    Good Boy! }}

  15. WOOF BUSTER old pal! You would not believe what happened- My people left me at another house where the people there babied me until I grew way fat ! I thought it was for keeps but then my person showed up and brought me home- I am so happy ! I will not let her out of my sniffing zone...ever again!

  16. I can see how Sasha might not have appreciated all the little dogs, though Snow White is awfully cute. I think you're very patient with Henry and I hope your days improve. xo