Saturday, January 14, 2012

What Goes On

I am not really in charge at the park

but I like to keep other people up to date

and sniff them a bit to see where they have been.

Me and Flash have been coming here as long as anyone we know.

Sometimes I have to be on the lookout to see what is going on.

Jada and Charlotte and Flash do that too.

Here are some portraits of my friends. You know Enzo from forever.

This is Baxter who is very wild.

And Patrick who is a puppy.

I will let you guess who this is.

The other day something funny happened. Mum was
 gabbing and dropped my lead and some puppies got it.
That is Buddah and Olive and a puppy I do not know.

This is Buddah and Olive and Baxter.
They are playing tug of war with it and making it slimy.

You can tell that I do not care much.

I hope you are having a good weekend.





  1. you are being the judge of who is best at tugging...You are the judge because it is your lead and you are the smartest. I know this to be true! My mum told me about how you made a bear bi-polar, clever you! My mum knows a thing or two about bipolarishness. her friend is one but lives here and not on the north do they live on a pole? life has so much mystery...

  2. Oh My Goodness...
    Olive is so sweet just look at that face but look at the paws on that puppy. Goodness.

    You are getting more and more Handsome every day Buster.
    Could your Mum post a photo of you as a puppy and one of you today so we could see better how much you have grown ?

    I so wish Watson and Hamish could come for a visit ! Your park needs some Square Ones

    woof, Watson and Hamish

  3. You are my favorite! Yes, a good weekend here. A bit of snow...and ice...but we have a very warm fire.

  4. Buster, your mom has taken a wonderful portrait photo of you. All those other old and new friends of yours are pretty wonderful, but it's obvious that the park is much more fun when you are there.

    I laughed when I read about those puppies getting hold of your lead and getting it slimy. Did your mom have gloves with her, or paper towels? Or did she just go with the slimy flow?

    Did you get to see the snow flurries yesterday afternoon or this evening. They were very pretty and to try to catch on your tongue.

    Best wishes.

  5. I wonder if your lead is still in one piece!
    Happy weekend, Buster!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. I guess Mum had to deal with all the slime

    You are a good mayor of the dog park
    If I was a new dog there I would trust you

    Happy Sunday Buster

  7. Just another exciting day at the dog park - looks like everyone is having fun - good thing you were not attached to that lead ;o)

  8. Your dog park looks to be a fine place to visit to and enjoy life. I like the big rocks you have to stand on on how well kept the place is. Keep blogging, Buster. You place is almost as fun as a dog park.

  9. can our dog come and learn how to behave from you? i'm afraid our dog is like baxter and a bit on the wild side...he is getting older and mellower, but it's not too long ago when he spurted out the door just as we were leaving for the airport! luckily, our dog went to the neighbour's yard to have a very loud conversation with their dog and the neighbour was able to catch him.

    wuf-wuf & bellyrub

  10. it's good to be top dog on the mound -

    and to sniff butts as well.
    Such a simple life!

  11. That's some nice winter coat you're wearing, Buster. Looks like another awesome day at the dog park! Love, Ozzy the Poodle In Penna.

  12. Buster you have a lot of friends!