Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Busy Day

This morning I walked under the hedge. I chewed some of the leaves.

Then I saw Fatty the Squirrel. 
She is going to have baby squirrels.

Then I had a little lie-down.

Whenever we go out people say: Isn't he cute!
Can I pet your dog?
How old is he?
What kind of dog is he?
Mostly I put up with this.
Sometimes I sit down and itch myself.

In the afternoon we walked down 22nd Street in the gallery area.
It is on the way to the dog park.
What sharp teeth this man has!

Quite a lot of my friends were at the park.
This is a pointer.

I met someone who looked like Joba but wasn't Joba.
In Duane Reed, on the way home, we met Mark from the bank.
He asked what kind of dog I was.
Dad said he didn't know.
So the man from the bank said, "Half pigeon, half alligator."
I did not think this was funny.


  1. It wasn't funny at all Buster! Some people just talk to hear themselves talk, and ignore the ones who laugh at their own jokes, they are never funny

    concentrate on all the people who stop to hug you and ask intelligent questions.

  2. sometimes being so cute can be a curse, can't it! I'm sure you handle it very well....

  3. LOL! Sorry Buster, I'm not laughing at you. ;-)

    You DO handle being so cute very well. I'm impressed with you.

    Gotta go do some work (a lotta work). *sigh*


  4. Buster I think you're the cutest little thing!! It's tough work being a handsome puppy...putting up with all that attention. Sounds like you handle the pressure beautifully. :)