Monday, May 4, 2009

Upstate and Upstairs

I went in a car. I have only been in a car one time before.
That was the day I got adopted. We went to Joba's house.

My house has an elevator.
So I had to learn to go upstairs...

and downstairs.

Kristin talked to me and Joba and told us how to behave.
She works with children who have problems.
We tried to listen.

Then we ran round and round and round anyway
in the back yard and in the house.

Then we went for a walk

and I saw a dogwood tree with pink and white in it.

This is me and Joba and Bobby, my mum and dad's other boy.

ps. I did not mean to be sick in the back of the rental car.


  1. What an adventure you have had going to see your cousin Joba! It looks like you had fun playing with him. Mum has very handsome sons.

  2. It looks like you had fun (except maybe the whole back of the rental car thing)! You and Joba make a good pair - and that "other son" isn't too bad either!

  3. ah, geez! I get car sick too, Buster! it's a curse....

  4. I bet you and Joba listened as best as you could

    Everyone gets sick in rental cars, don't worry

    You have a beautiful family and beautiful friends - and fashionable too - I love the pink boots!

  5. I like your sense of humour, Buster!

  6. Hello Buster,

    Glad that you are meeting the rest of the family and learning all about stairs.

    Sorry about the car stuff. I was the same as you in my childhood car rides. Walking is better.


  7. Oh no! Poor you Buster. I used to get sick in the back of the car, too! Your parents are more than used to it.