Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Have A Strange Day

The first thing is: I did not have any breakfast. 
Not even any of Dad's toast.
Then we went to Dr. Farber's place where I met this puppy.

I saw a cat too. I do not know many cats.
Then Mum went home. I do not remember the next bit.

In the afternoon Mum and Dad came to collect me.
I was so pleased to see them I peed on the floor. The people at the vet said it
didn't matter. It happens all the time.
Then we went home and I cried. They put this collar on me. I cried more.
Mum and Dad sat round saying: "Poor Buster. Poor Buster."
Then they took the collar off. I ate my dinner. Then I ate another dinner.
I stopped crying.

This morning I can jump. I am not wearing my collar 
because they are watching me.

If you look at my leg you can see where some of my fur has disappeared.

ps. The good news is Dr.Farber says I do not have ear mites any more.
The bad news is. Well, you do not want to hear that.
Love from Buster.


  1. I'm so glad you're not crying anymore, and two dinners is pretty cool isn't it!

    it's all better now :)

    I wish you could meet my cats, you would like them

  2. When we took our dog in for that, procedure, several years ago, my sister sent him a card that showed a dog hanging out a car window yelling to his friend: "I'm going to get tutored."

  3. Buster, you are such a sweetie, with those soulful eyes that see so much.

    Best wishes!

  4. THAT wasn't tutoring, was it Buster?!

  5. Oh no Buster, what's going on? (First, though, have mom and dad read you the name on your collar - it's says Buster! My Buster has a collar just like it!) My Buster has his vet appointment Saturday morning. You and he can swap stories if you want. He's much older and maybe a little wiser and has survived cancer! It's good to see you jumping around!

  6. At least it's over now Buster! You'll be all ready for a trip to the dog park with me and AP!

  7. Poor Buster! But you'll be a better doggie fro all your adventures ---BIG hug

  8. WOOF Buster- the dogs here in Venice have that surgery but then balls of plastic are inserted into the empty bits to look like even bigger ones! They parade nicely like their mamas with the same kind of chests!

  9. What a day, Buster! You express yourself so well...just like your mum. It may have seemed like an odd day, and trips to the vet aren't much fun, but you'll be better for having gone the other day. Happy to see you jumping around, sweetie-pie! ((HUGS))