Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mum, a Fun Fair and a Hydrant

This is me admiring a lily.
Mum says people  like Oscar Wilde did things like that
in the olden days. Did they get yellow pollen on their noses too?

There is a fun fair by St. Columba's Church. 
This is the front end of a  pretend horse.

This is the back end. I did not get to go on any of the rides.

Not even the airplanes

This is me staring at the fire hydrant and all the mess in the gutter.

I now know why fire hydrants are important in the city.
All big dogs know that.

This is Fatty looking at me.


  1. hmmmm - probably good that you didn't get to ride on the carousel - remember the backseat of the rental car incident? ya....fatty had her babies yet?

  2. Hi Buster. I hope we all get to see Fatty's babies.

  3. Buster, did you do anything nice for your Mom today?

  4. Buster is so darn cute! Still, it was probably a good idea to stay off the carousel.

  5. Hello Buster,

    I am very sorry to have missed a chance to meet you this weekend. My friends liked having that opportunity very much.

    Hoping to see you soon!

  6. Your friend Fatty makes me smile! Hope you wished Momma a Happy Mother's Day yesterday.

  7. I think Fatty was jealous that you went to the fair, even if you didn't go on any rides it was still a cool thing to do

    I love that you appreciate the flowers, you're really growing up fast.

  8. Hello again, Buster,

    I am so glad that your mum brought you round to meet me today. You are even more fun in person that your photos predict.

    Please do return. (We have got biscuits at the shop, in small and very large sizes.)


  9. Oh, Buster, I am tired and cannot type.

    meant than your photos