Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lots of Things Happen

Yesterday Mum and I went shopping to buy me more Science Diet.
Mum bought me a new tennis ball.

On the way home we met Lauren and Mabel. You can tell I admire her.

Maybe Mum and Dad will take me to this movie.
They went to a movie yesterday.
When they came back I chewed through
a wire to Mum's computer.
It was crunchy. She wasn't looking.

This morning I decided to get up early before it was 
properly light out.

This is me yesterday when we had got back from walking
 through a thunderstorm to the Apple store
 to replace the computer thing.


  1. Chewing those computer cords can be bad news! Don't get shocked!

    Maybe getting wet on the way to the Apple store will teach you not to chew through the cord again!

  2. Your Mum is very patient Buster. Mum’s Day is coming soon. Perhaps you can think of something nice to do for her. Of course, Mum is able to be patient because you are so cute!

  3. oh my, not even a tennis ball could compare to Miss Mable - a true stunner - that little bit of edgy punk hair in just the right place - hmmmm, cords are bad, but one to the computer is a start down the bad side of life........

  4. I so enjoy this blog! Seeing the life of a city dog is really fascinating to me...and makes me think I should start a blog for MY boys! :) I love all the pictures.

  5. Oh boy, Buster, we sure do enjoy your blog! It's one of our favourites. My Mother smiles all the way through it. We both think you are growing up to be quite the handsome chap. With a wonderful smile!

  6. my cats eat Science Diet too Buster, what a healthy pup you are

    BUT ... wires are really not a good thing to chew, you had the new tennis ball - stick with that

  7. Oh Buster do be careful! Computer wires are not a good idea. Chew on your toys. Or shoes if you feel the need to be a little bit naughty :D

  8. I did not know Buster had his own blog. He is just adorable.