Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Pals, Jobs and Art

When I grow up maybe I will be big and noble like this hound.

This is Buddy. His Dad was reading a book about Dostoyevsky.
I do not know who that is.

This is me standing outside an art gallery on 24th Street.
Mum thought the art would make a good back drop for me.

Dad wanted to see the Robert Longo show in Metro Pictures.
We snuck in.

Look at me reflected in the left hand panel. 
I had had enough art for one day.

Maybe I can get a job like this dog so I can buy stuff.
I could buy presents for Darcy and Gabriela.
They are girl dogs I know who live round here.


  1. Uh oh- Buster's got an eye for the girls already..with your charm you'll have them barking at your paws.

  2. Hei Buster,
    you are so cute!!
    The first picture dog looks just like me with more white, have a look at my mum's blog.
    Your dad is an artist! Mine too!
    See his blogs and you can click on to his further sites...
    mum and dad have been in NY too.
    European Greetings from
    Leif Gizmo

  3. Hey there, Buster. You certainly get around. Keep having fun.

    Paz xoxo

  4. Buddy, aren't you too young to be thinking about buying presents for girls? Besides, I don't think you would like having to run around all day with packages you can't chew up in your mouth!

  5. Buster, I am laughing, I would have thought Longo was just up your street!

  6. your friends are all very handsome

    I'm glad you got to sneak into the gallery, art is good for a puppy's soul.

  7. Hello Buster,

    Good to know that you are having lots of adventures, and haven't had any more car rides.

    I also think that a little Longo goes a long way.

  8. Buster, you've got a girlfriend already?! Make that spoke of two! ;o) You are sooo cute! ((HUGS))