Monday, August 3, 2009

Art and Water

There is a new paddling pool at the dog park.

It has floppy, wobbly sides.

I can pour water over the edge.

Some people have asked about my art career.
Yesterday I did "NEW YORK TIMES REDUX"
I do not know what redux means but it sounds good.
When I had finished it, Mum threw it away.

This is one of my more controversial pieces "EYELESS DOG".

I heard about "The Altered Page". I decided to alter the arm chair.
Dad was mad and Mum said this was not art.
Missy asked if I am ever bad. I think I was bad when I ate
 2 computer cables and the photo cable.
Mostly I am just expressing myself.

Love from Buster.


  1. Uh, oh. Watch out, Buster. The life of an artist is never easy This is particularly true when your particular art has not yet been officially sanctioned by the gods and critics of art history.

    The cool water of that blue pool might be a great way to express yourself until the current upholstery situation blows over.

    May I say how grand it was to see you today. Hoping you did not mind too much that your mom did have a walk with me while you stayed at home.


  2. Buster,
    Thanks for answering my question. I guess sometimes there is a fine line between expressing yourself and being bad! I think some call that misunderstood. My rabbit chews cords too. I never thought of it as art. And I never thought he felt misunderstood either. I thought he just wanted to chew. Interesting!

  3. Hi Buster,

    You are very talented and your artistry skill should be on display in all galleries on West Street, Chelsea.

    Btw, I do agree that stray dogs have a difficult and sad life. Sometimes I wish I can share my food with them.

  4. Buster buddy,
    Know what's fun? pretend that you can not get off of your cushion and whine until your people come to help you down and just as they reach out to give you a lift- JUMP! So funny!
    My person is on to me now- sometimes she just says "hush", she is not falling for it so much anymore...must think of something else- any ideas? Nothing dangerous like chewing cords and chairs- that is artful but not endearing...

  5. That is one seriously talented pooch!

  6. You do need to find less destructive ways to express yourself
    Start by not using your teeth on anything but your own art supplies
    Eyeless dog is a treasure - perhaps work on a series of those

  7. Hiya Buster,
    Come over to swim with me sometime!
    Your pal,

  8. Looks you have much fun on pool, Buster!

    You are a great talented boy!

  9. Hi Buster,

    I adore your artwork, but you should probably avoid the furniture...bad human mojo could happen...Like not being able to relax on the couch any more....not good!

    My Mommy says that your Mommy is way good with that clicky box thing!


  10. You go through as many cords as a rabbit! It is difficult when your creations are essentially ephemera, you are lucky to have your mom document them for your adoring public. I always do my best work when I feel naughty, so I think you are right on track to MoMA.

  11. is in the eye of the beholder, but that eyeless dog wouldn't know either. One of us (we aren't owning up to who) upchucked on mewmies dock for her camera, but she got one cheap on ebay and wasn't too mad at us. The back of our couch looks like your chair, but no one can see it...