Thursday, August 13, 2009

I am a Gracious Host: Knut Comes to Tea

I am waiting for Knut to get to my house.

Mum had to sweep up a lot of my toys and art.

Then Knut arrived and I was glad to see him.

This is Knut eating an ice cube.
I let him pick up my wood sculpture, then I took it away again.
The humans had tea and cookies.  All we had was ice cubes.

This is the first dog who has been to my house except Buck.
We played for a while. Because we did not wreck the
 whole place, I will be allowed to have him over again.

love from


  1. Glad you had such a fun play-date with Kunt, Buster...and that the fun will happen all over again--hope it's soon! Hugs to you & your mum :o)

  2. Hi Buster,
    It's nice of you and mum to invite Knut and his human over for tea. Did you show Knut your art sculpture collections?

    Licks, hero

  3. Friends are great, aren't they? I play all the time with my best friend, Apple. Sometimes we run through the house so fast that our Mom has to flatten herself against the wall so as not to be run over!! We laugh then.

  4. Oh you make me laugh Buster! Glad you did not wreck the place!

  5. good job at not wrecking the whole place!
    I'm very proud of you and knut

    ice cubes are a good treat in the summer

  6. I'm glad the puddle on the floor was from ice cubes!

  7. Buster, how nice that you had some company over. It was also kind of you to share your sculpture with Knut.


  8. Buster, you sure look like a big boy compared to Knute- glad you had fun without the wreckage.

  9. Hello Buster,

    These photos are fabulous! It's great that you and Knut can meet outdoor and indoors. Also great that your parents like each other.

    I think that you are a very good host. There is nothing like an ice cube on a hot day in August!

    Hope to see you again soon.


  10. Buster, are you sure that was only a melted ice cube on the floor?

  11. Buster, you make me smile. Love that play well with others.

  12. You are very gracious about sharing your space & goodies, Buster.
    Well done!
    My human wants to know if you can come over & teach me some manners...I go a little nuts whenever a doggy friend comes to visit!
    Your pal,

  13. RRRF Buster- Knut looks like a good sniffer. My friends get loads of biscuits when they come over and sometimes hamburger balls - but my person thinks it makes me too growly at my friends and they at me because we are wolves when we play- wolves don't like to share sometimes.You have a nice floor for dog things- I would slide around...

  14. Glad you had a good time with your friend.


  15. Congrats on such a wonderful tea party! It is nice to know that Knute will be invited back!

  16. And no weeing on anything? I am so happy for you