Monday, August 31, 2009

I Return to the City

Jabby's Mom and Dad came home and he was happy.

Joba is smiling. I was not. I had to go home in the car.
We will not discuss this...

This is Dad taking me for a walk in the city.
Mum says the man with the hat looks like a picture of Walt Whitman.
How would I know?

Who did I see next to my house the very first day I was home?
How did you guess?

Bodi was pleased to see me. (He lives downstairs).

This is the first picture you have ever seen of Darcy.
She is very beautiful.

love from



  1. Buster: Glad you are home and safe--even if the car ride was a challenge. I hope you will return to your art with new inspirtation. Looks like your friends missed you!

  2. I just want to say I love your blog and it makes me happy whenever I see a new post pop up in my Google Reader. Buster's voice is charming. "We will not discuss this" indeed.

  3. Hello Buster and welcome back to New York City!

    As you know, this is a big city, but this big city really missed you!

    Right now, I bet that Joba is also missing you.

    Please do come by for a visit soon. xo

  4. Darcy is very pretty- but Buster, you just keep getting cuter every day, too

  5. Welcome back Buster. Fatty has a crush on you. Did you know that? Pat, pat.

  6. Jabby will miss you but a little 'fat' squirrel will be glad to see you again... and so are the rest of the fur gang in NY city.

    Licks, hero

  7. Returning home from a holiday is always rough, Buster. Good friends to welcome you makes it easier though! Welcome Home!

  8. Buster, I had a dog that had trouble with car rides too so don't feel like you are alone with your issue. You are right, Darcy is beautiful. I bet all the people in the city are glad you are back!

  9. Hi Buster,
    My Mommy says that the man who looks like Walt Whitman also looks like a mixture of Santa Claus and Pat Boone. I don't know what that means either.
    I bet Fatty was really happy to see you because you are such a great dog (like me!) I bet Knut was happy to see you too! And Darcy looks like she would be a lot of fun to play with and is indeed, very pretty.

    Bwwwwfs from Emma

  10. how nice to see Jobby smile, he has a face!

    fatty missed you, you know she did
    she secretly loves you

    all your friends are wonderful
    darcy is beautiful

    welcome home buster

  11. Bet you're glad to be home, place like it, huh?
    Your furieds sure are cute!
    Your pal,

  12. Not only you are home and back with your "old" friends, but you got a visit from Walt lucky Buster!!!