Saturday, August 15, 2009


This is a Science Diet truck. 
Imagine if they delivered all that to my house!
The dog in the truck is very big indeed. In fact he is a giant.
I bet he eats a lot of "Healthy Development".

A parcel came for me at my house.
 It was from the Ethical Pet Toy Company.
They sent me four presents.

A squirrel with two squeakers. I call it Fatty and bite it.
I have not broken it yet.

This is another of my presents. It is a tug thing. 
It has a water bottle in it and goes crunch crunch.
These toys are not as beautiful as my tweeting bird,
but they are safer.

Anyway, here is Knutty. He is going on vacation.
I am going on vacation to Joba's house.
I will let you know how I get on.

love from


  1. Buster- Why do you the there is a C-A-T next to the dog on the Science Diet truck?

    Will your new toys become part of an art project?

    Nice picture of Knut, I'm become fond of him, too.

    Have a fun vacation!

  2. I'm glad to hear that your folks are providing you with safe toys Buster. I've heard of dogs choking on rawhide bones and squeakers.

    Have fun on your vacation!

  3. Hi Buster,

    Four presents at the same time... wow! This calls for another art project, I think :) Are you going for a vacation with Knut?

    Licks, hero

  4. Greetings from D'Ora in Vienna! She also likes to tear her toys within minutes, and I have not yet found safer toys which she really enjoys to play with. The rubber stuff is not very exciting...
    Buster, have a nice vacation, hope you drop by in Vienna one day? :>

  5. Have a great vacation, Buster.

    If you find time, would you send us a postcard?

    Best wishes!

  6. Your new toys sound fun.

    Have a good time with Joba!


  7. Are you and Knut going on vacation together? I hope you enjoy your vacation and I can't wait to see pictures. Can you imagine how small I would be next to the giant dog? Hehe!

  8. have a happy holiday Buster
    don't forget to pack your toys

    Knutty looks happy too

  9. Have fun at your furiend's house, Buster! Be nice & share your new toys!
    Your pal,

  10. Toys! How fun! You are a lucky doggie! Have fun on your vacation and let us know how things go!

  11. Will you be packing all your new toys to take on vacation, Buster? Have a wonderful time, sweet boy! Say hi to your momma for me. ;o) ((HUGS))