Thursday, August 20, 2009

Me and Joba

This is Joba. He is named after the Yankees pitcher.
 We call him Jabby.

We are heading to the nature trail. 
I am bigger than him, but he can run faster.

The trees round here have stuff growing up them.
We do not have that where I live.

This is a plant I saw. 
Do you think it looks like my tail (if a bit of my tail was pink)?

Some times I get bored of digging in the garden
 and have to stop to itch myself.

love from



  1. a good scratch can feel so good!!

    I wonder if any of Fatty's country relatives are living round there - maybe she called to tell them you were coming, she does like you ya know

    Jabby is very handsome and you'll get lots of good exercise running with him

    have fun!

  2. Hi Buster,

    Glad you're having a fun time with Jabby on your vacation... did you find any dinosaur bones digging the garden?

    Licks, hero

  3. What a handsome furiend!
    Enjoy your time together.
    Your pal,

  4. Hei Buster,
    It is so hot here and we are not used to it...ugh! But I think we will have a thunderstorm tonite...
    Your friend Jabby looks so sweet! And you too!
    It seems you have a very good time.
    Enjoy yourself
    Gizmo and mum from Europe

  5. Jabby looks like he smells good in a doggie way...I have a stinky friend whom I love so much I sometimes lift my leg on him - my person frowns, she wants to give him a bath. She hollers at me to stop before i can mark him as my own...humans - sometimes they can be so uptight.
    Looks like you are in a very soft place for now- I would nibble the grass and upchuck and dig and roll in things that make my perfume more doggie-ish...have fun there - I send smellies your way!
    your pal, Dexter

  6. I love reading about your holiday, Buster!! It looks like you are having a wonderful time. Please say hello to your friends from me!!


  7. Hi Buster,

    Hope Fatty is ok without you around. What will he do?

    Bwwwf from Emma

  8. Whoa - Buster - you have gotten bigger! Hope you have a great vacation!

  9. Buster: Your mum told me that you are an artist. I visited your blog and am very impressed with your work. I especially like "Ex Box 5. The collages you make with the New York Times are also impressive. Maybe someday you will get a goverment grant and get wads of money for your masterpieces! P.S. I am putting "My Life By Buster" on my blog role.