Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Friends and Happy Memorial Day

Summer has come at last.

So me and my friends are cheerful and we get to stay longer at the park.
This is Dexter

and Hodges who was in the pool

Now he is in the pool.

This is Knut in my house.

This is him with his mouth open very wide.
 He is practicing his singing for his rock group.

Something really weird happened. Two really big dogs came to the park.

If Brando sits down in the water there will be no room for me!

This is me and an ancient fire hydrant and Dad's foot.

Hope you have a good Memorial Day weekend.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Catch Up Time

My family have been over a lot lately.

This is Henry. They take him for a walk to the human playground where I cannot go.

Then they took me to my playground and O'Malley was back.

As well as the pool.

Dee Dee was there, and you can see me in the pool at the back.

Major wants to chew Louis, but he just laughs.

He is not scared of Kiko either.

Roma and Benny were just sitting around.

This is Flash and Pablo and Arnold. O'Malley had been sick but he is now better so we are all happy.

At home I have to check up on Henry because he is very busy. 
Sometimes he lies in my bed. Sometimes he drops food.

Professor Joba mostly sits on the sofa with his tongue out. He is used to Henry.

But I have to keep an eye on him all the time.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Ponder a Bunch of Things and Good News

I have not done my blog for a bit because my mum has not helped me

so I have lots of things to show you. This is Knut when
 we climbed up some steps. We could be in a movie.

One day a van stopped near my house with lots of dogs on top of it. I do not think it is safe to sit on the top of a van because you might fall off. But none of them did fall off, and they gave our mailman and other people some free samples. I ate mine.

On another day we met another Buster when we were on our walk.
 I now know four Busters, that is me and three other ones.

This is me lying on the sofa in the late afternoon. 
 I am thinking it is about time they gave me my dinner.

Sometimes I think about art. This is a very good painting of a dog
 by someone who paints on windows. It is a little bit like Charlotte who I like.

This dog looks mean, so I do not know why he got his picture painted.
 He is fat which is what happens when you eat too much.

If you look carefully you can see that Dexter is making
 a shadow like a wolf. This is pretty clever .

This is Hodges looking like Hodges. He only got in because he has not been in the blog for a bit.

Ditto Bodhi who lives downstairs from me.

This is a very big fly. They are not usually that big, which is why it is in an art gallery.
Knutty is in the picture too, but you can only just see him.

The good news is that the pool is back at the park!

I hope you are having a really good weekend.




Friday, May 6, 2011

Charlotte, my sister and some Very Big Dogs

This is Charlotte looking extra beautiful.

That is because she has her tongue out.

This is Z with two humans. You may recognize one of them.

This is a very funny picture and everyone said it was OK to put it in!
Mum said it is better sometimes not to say things.

Anyway, a puppy came to the park and all the humans drooled -- as usual.

 I will have to admit that his ears are pretty cool.

I think the puppy was a bit surprised when Milo was telling something shocking to Biggie.

Then some really big dogs came past with people sitting on them.
Then I went home.

This is a picture of me my sister took before she went back to England.
Actually, I do not feel as bad a I look.

Have a good weekend.




Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Busy Week

This will be a long letter because lots of things have been happening.

First Jasper came over and we played for a bit.

 Everyone says that Jasper looks like me but mini-me, but also that Jasper looks like a fox.
I do not look like a fox. My sister saw one when she went on 5th Avenue yesterday.

This is a picture of her and the fox. I do not have eyebrows like that. 

Anyway, when they came home from seeing the fox, we went for a walk and we met Hanna that we met before. She makes special dog food* that is very good that I like that has pure ingredients in it.

Knutty gets to eat it everyday. I only get it sometimes. In this picture I am eating it.
 I got some samples to take home.

This morning I went round  to Knutty's house so we could go for a walk.

This is my latest portrait. This is pretty much what I look like.

We were happy to see Gomez who we haven't seen for a bit.

If this was a prize giving I would be getting first prize
and Biggie would be getting the second one.

I hope you are having a good weekend.




* Ever More dog food