Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Some Things that Have Been Happening

My sister has gone home. This is me being sad on her bed that Mum has not stripped yet.

In case you do not know what my sister looks like, this is what she looks like when she puts her head through a thing at Carvel.

This is an artistic photo of my good friend Knutty

who sent me a really good present that is a flying pig. This made me feel better.

I was down at the dog run this morning.

So was Baxter.

This is us pretending we are watching a tennis match.

I hope you are having a good time too and that most of your family are in your house.



Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday Update

Have been going down to the dog park most days.

Baxter is mostly there. He is the terror of the dog run. He likes to cause trouble and run around a lot.

Here is Charlotte as per usual.

This is a dog called Ernie that is a bit like me but a different color.

We have known Benny for ever and ever. He has jaws of steel. Here is is busting Knutty's toy.

Now he thinks someone is going to take it away from him. (ps. they did).

This is Benny at my house with the remains of Seahorse. We stood here for ages and ages until my jaw was sore. Benny got it in the end, but he was not allowed to take it home.

This is Wilbur that is very peculiar that lives at Benny's house. He only has a neck and no body. That is why he is peculiar.

Darcy's mum cut her hair (even her mustache). She looks very good.

I had my hair cut yesterday and they did not cut my ears, so Mum cut them at home. Then we had to go back to TowneHouse Grooming for them to make my ears normal. 

My sister is coming her in three hours. Hooray!

I hope you are having a good weekend.




Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hodges' B'day and other Things

This is a left-over photo from when it was rainy.

This is Hodges from his birthday which was the other day. He is now two so looks down on puppy stuff.

This is him and me in a joint portrait.

He can do cool tricks like shaking hands.

Mum and Dad taught Henry a new trick: that is pretending to be a dog and drinking out of the sprinkler. Professor Joba thought that was pretty funny.

This is Ruka that is a Patterdale terrier that is very unusual.

Me and my old friend Biggie who was at the park this morning.

He is meant to be  on a diet and slimming down, but I do not know if it is working.

This is Olive looking lugubrious which she is not really; she is pretty cheerful. This is just how her face is. You can see my fur in the background.

This is Hodges' Birthday portrait. He looks cool. 

Hope you are well and will have a good weekend.




PS: I have gone in for a Gund competition to make me into a stuffed animal (that I can maybe eat)
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