Monday, November 29, 2010

Me and Knutty go for a Walk

This is what happens on lots of days

 We go out.

Then Mum says she has to get one thing in the store.
I have to wait outside because they do not let me in.

 Last week I saw a picture of Mr. Sausageman.
We are all looking at Knutty's mom.

This is a polar bear that had got into a shop.
I expect he feels hot.

Knutty likes trying on better houses for size.
This one is on 20th Street.

This one has a black door.

When he has sat round looking important for a bit,
we go home to our regular houses. This is what I do mostly.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving from Buster

It is nearly Thanksgiving. That is the end of fall
and then you have to think about Christmas.

Everything has very bright colors.

The leaves fall off the trees and I am hard to see.

In case you did not know it, this is me.

This is Toby with a leaf that has fallen off a tree.

This is Flash hoping to get something to eat.

When it gets to be cold weather, you can sit in an armchair if they let you.

I hope you have a super Thanksgiving and enough to eat.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Friends

I am at work

They send boxes to my house and I modify them.

Then I go out on my morning walk and look for Pat. She is my friend.

When I got to the park I met my new friend Max

 and my old friend Walter

Then I had a drink of water from the bowl because the pool is not there any more.

I cannot remember whether I put this picture in before.
If you look at the bottom there are a lot of white feet.
If you look at the top there is me.
This is Benny and Knutty and Gomez.

Have a good weekend.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Normal Stuff

Mum is back to taking pictures of random dogs and telling their owners how
cute they are. That is the dogs, not the owners.

This is a puppy by our house.

This is Deisel* that I played with this morning. He has got blue eyes.

Now for some pictures of me.
This is my purple elephant that Mum got me because 
she did not bring me a present from Italy except some pictures of monsters.

This is me who is not allowed to eat the feathers that were part of my Halloween costume.

 This ball was taken away from me when I started eating all of it.

In case you did not know, it is Thanksgiving next week.
That is when people eat a lot and then go to sleep.
This picture is on the window of a diner that I walk past. 
The artist is called Berch.
If you look inside a diner you see people sitting on counter stools.
They are mostly eating.

I hope you are well.


* Deisel's mom has a blog too: it is called

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

At Last

They came back at last and I was glad.

This is me at the park this morning so things are pretty much back to normal.
I did not do any bad stuff when they were away.
Mike was kind to me and Elly and George and I saw Knutty a lot.

 This me with a tennis ball in my mouth and a garbage can growing out of my head.
Ha ha.

This is a picture of an olden-days rabbit that is about to be eaten by a big bird.
I knew bad stuff happened in the olden days.

 That is when the lion killed the man and took his head off and made him spit out water all the time.
That is in Florence where they went.

This is a dog they talked to when they could not talk to me.

These are two dogs; one is old and one is young.

I am now going to have my nap.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Italian Interlude

Buster is home being well looked after.
We are in Italy collecting lions and monsters for Buster to look at:

This lion in Florence is very important because he has a crown on.

 This one has a very wide nose.

 I think Buster will be scared by this monster with a very mean expression.

This last lion looks a little confused.

We have been on the hunt for possible friends for Buster in Florence.
This is Pax in Fiesole.

This is Camilla at the outdoor flea market.

We met this puppy at a restaurant one lunch time.
He had been discovered in the garbage but is now well loved.

We miss Buster and will see him early next week.