Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Winter by Buster

As you know, winter is when it is cold and they make you wear stuff to go out like boots. Milan and I both have blue boots because we have the same size feet.

This is me and a puppy.

This is me on top of the upside-down swimming pool.

This is Patrick with purple boots because his feet are bigger than mine. His toenails come through the boots because this is what happens.

Here is a picture of Knutty from when we went over to his house.

This is me at home wondering when I will ever go out.

I am on the new ottoman.

Last Saturday it was not snowing for a wonder  - and guess who came to the park? It was my old friend Sid that I have not seen for a long time.

Here we are looking 'picturesque' -  which means we could be in a picture.

Then it snowed again yesterday.

This is me in the lobby with snow on.

I have put in this picture of me with my sister though she has gone back to work now.

So this is all that has happened round here. I hope you are having a more exciting time than me.