Monday, January 31, 2011

Some Thoughts about Love

Soon it will be Valentine's Day.

They have painted love hearts on the diner windows

 and love heart balloons.

As well as my family, I love Knut. He came over the other day and we
are both looking in the camera at once.

As you know from last year, I love Darcy.
She has got the best mustache of any girl I know.
(Mum said it was as good as Salvador Dali's who is an artist like me).

This is a picture of Darcy with roses round her.
She is not in jail, just at the dog park.

I got a valentine in the mail with cookies on it. It was from my pal Dexter Hoofnagle.
I was allowed to eat the cookies but not the card which is pinned to the wall.

I hope you are thinking of love too.



Friday, January 28, 2011




It has been snowing and snowing.

This is me with snow on.

Milo's dad threw some soft snow at him.

Then Benny and Flash and Hodges tried to get the ball off Sid.

You can only just see Deisel in the snow.

 This is him.

 This is a lot of us.

And Hodges.

 This is me and Milo.

I am balancing snow on my nose.

When I went home I had to lie on a towel to get dried off.

I hope you have a good weekend.

Guess what?!
It is going to snow here.




Monday, January 24, 2011

Stuck Indoors

It is cold.When we are going to go out, it takes Mum ages 
and ages to put on all the stuff she needs to wear.

Mostly we stay home and do nothing. Here I am on the ottoman.

Here I am on the sofa.

When Mum is not in her chair, I am in it.

They put a program on TV for me. It was about a dog show
but they probably wouldn't let me be in a dog show because I do not have papers, 
so I lost interest.

We went over to Knutty's house for a bit. 
This is him on his sofa.

 Because they were sorry I was bored this afternoon, 
they let me demolish the Fresh Direct cardboard box.
They said we could call it Debris Field #999.
You can just see little bits of it. They are on the floor.

I hope things are more thrilling by you.




ps: Mum's friends at CSN Stores wanted her to mention adjustable bar stools so lots of people can buy them for their houses. This is a commercial announcement. I heard that on TV. It sounds very important.


Friday, January 21, 2011


This morning it was very odd.

The moon was in the sky but it was not the night.

It snowed in the night so the park was nice and clean.
Actually, I do not care if the park is clean or not.
Sid was sick. Now he is better.
 He has the big size snow boots, bigger than the blue size.

This is Bizzy but he is not being very busy.
This is a pun. HAHA.

This is Biggie. You know him already.

This is Finn. Maybe he is from Finland where it snows all the time or mostly.

Most of us like to eat snow a lot.
Milo eats pretty much anything. He has snow on his face.

Then we were all running around.

Then we were looking for snow to eat.

We saw Hodges on the way home. He has not been to the park this week.
That is because he had an operation. He can come back next week.

I hope you have a good weekend.




Saturday, January 15, 2011

Professor Joba of the Institute

Professor Joba came over. Dad says he has hair like Tony Curtis.

Here he is looking serious.

It is hard to see his expression but I think he thinks a lot.

Henry came too.

He likes pushing chairs around and around.

Dad tried to get a picture of Henry but he moves and moves.

Me and Joba ate one of the blocks when they went out. Dad was not pleased.
They belonged to Henry's Dad.

Henry likes the blocks a lot. So do I.

After they went home, we all had a nap like we always do.

Happy Weekend!



Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Week by Buster

This is the best thing.

Henry came over to play with me.
We both had plastic mugs and chewed them. He can walk now.
Later he went home.

Today we went to the park and there were giant eyes in the snow.
Perhaps it was a monster.

Yes, I had to wear my boots but I managed to bust two of them.

Some little dogs came to the park but they were not allowed to play. Only their big friend was.

This is Milo with snow on his face.

This is me and Flash waiting for cookies from Linda.

When we went home, I had a nap.
The other picture is of me with some pears. 

I do not think I have a pear-shaped nose. If I do, it does not matter anyway.
Lots of things look like other things. I think so anyway.

I hope you are having fun.



Note: Hero the Sharpei, whose blog we have enjoyed for ages is really sick.
Please stop by his blog to wish him and his family well.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Stuff

There are some tress that are left over

 They do not want them any more.

 Here are some pictures of my friends for the new year.
This is Tweed who is old and greedy.

 I do not know if Hodges is greedy.

This is Hodges when he was wet.

 This is Hodges and Biggie and me.

I have known Roma for a long time.
She has got a new collar.

Biggie is wearing his green jacket that is a good color. I think.

This is Flash's look he puts on when he wants stuff. (Food mostly).

 Sparky and Mia have been to the Hamptons. I have not been there.

This is Sid leaning on the wall. He does that a lot.

I do not think he will give me the ball.

I hope you are having a good new year.