Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fun With Colors, a Flea Market and We try again with the Movie

This is a dog  whose owner

decorated her and made her pink and mauve.

This is a picture of Sid and we made him yellow and pink.

This is me and I am a bit bluer than usual.

This is Jack.

Anyway, me and Knutty were not quite sure we wanted to go to a
 Flea Market but they were not selling fleas, instead they had bear ears.
This is Knutty wearing his.

This is a very good painting they had at the flea market.
You can see my tail.

This is an animal whose head was chopped off.

I am looking at him.

This movie is only eleven seconds long so maybe it will work.

I hope you are having a good weekend




Thursday, September 22, 2011

Funny Faces

I do not know if this is a dog or a rug. Haha.

This dog was outside a shop. I was waiting too.

I do not think he liked the look of me.

He has got very weird teeth.

This is Baxter foraging for twigs to eat because his family
 does not feed him, or that is what he tells me

I know you have been waiting for the latest picture of Knutty.
 He has a new collar which looks a bit like Merry Xmas to me.
He thinks he looks dapper and cool.

But if you really want cool, this is me on the red carpet by my house.
The movies Mum takes of me are not that good because she does not know
how to edit them. Nor do I, so you can skip it.

If you do look at it, this is me and mostly Enzo last Saturday.




Monday, September 19, 2011

Fat Cats and a Baby

When I went over to Jasper's house  his cat was there.

The cat looked at me and did not let me play with the tennis ball.

This cat used to live at our vet's in a cage, then some people in our building brought him home to their house. I think he likes to drink. Anyway

there is a new puppy at the dog park. He is Biggie's little brother.

Sasha wanted to check him out

and he checked out Benny

then he sat on Linda's lap

and looked around. His name is Bhudda.

The rest of the gang were there too like Hodges and  Charlotte.




Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Movie at Last!

This is Charlotte.

Can you see how blue our pool is? There is a frisbee in it too.

This is a movie of my friend Charlotte in our pool.
It is not a good movie but anyway.....

These are my two good friends, Biggie and Sid. 

This is all three of us together.

Here is a game. I am in this picture but only a bit of me.

This is a very stripy picture of a man going down a hole.

I thought you would like it.



Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Family and Other Animals*

* I know this is the title of a book, but it is a good title.

Anyway, this is morning and I am licking Dad's plate that he had a muffin on.

My sister came to stay from England and came to the park with me every day.

When Knutty climbed up the steps on the way to the park she talked to him.

When we got there, Baby Lily was there drinking out of the drip in the wall.

And Roxy and Samson and other Lily

This is Mimo that was like the picture of the dog

he is friends with Roxy too. People asked if I was in a video, and Mum made some of me
 and Roxy but it looked like we were in a big fight so she will have to try again some other time.
Today it is raining and there was no one at the park except me, so we came home.





Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fatty and Other People

There was a lot of fuss about the storm, but mostly all I noticed where lots of branches

on the ground and a lot of Fatties hanging about spying on me from the trees and making their usual gibbering sort of noise. I have taken the color away from this one.

I have never ever caught a Fatty, and perhaps I never will. They are the bane of my life.
But on to better things. Knutty is home.

We went round his house this morning so he could come to the park with us.

Louie was there

and Milo who has just got a human baby sister

and Sid who had a ball today, not his Snapple bottle

and a little one that is a cockerpoo like Professor Joba, but you can see this one's eyes.

this is not-Joba and someone fluffy sitting on the bench.

That is all for now.