Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Summer Job

Me and Charlotte have decided to become swim coaches. Here is Darcy about to get in the pool.

This is me seeing how she is getting on.

She is now very good at it. This is maybe because of me, or maybe she could do it anyway.

Charlotte is giving Baxter some helpful hints too.

Jo came over and gave me a moose with a squeaker. She always brings me cool presents.

So I took it to my bed and killed it.

Then I eviscerated it. That means I took its insides out. If you go here you will see my Australian pen-pal Bruce. We exchange some ideas.

When I went to our roof it was very hot. You can see my tongue matches the floor tiles.

I am showing off my movie star good looks.

I hope you are well.




Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Important Things

This is me sitting to attention at the butcher on 9th Avenue where they have marrow bones.

This is me at home with my bone before I have licked all the good stuff out of it.

As you know, I come from a very artistic family. We all work in different media. My Mum bashes pansies, my sister takes photos, and Dad paints stuff like animals and people. I myself am a mixed media artist. Sometimes I work in cardboard. Sometimes I collect objects trouvee on my walks.

That is mostly sticks. My stick collection lives on top of the fridge.

I work on these now and then, and you can see the elaborate dentation on it. (That is where I bit it.)

This is me choosing which stick to work on next.

You can see that artwork brings me great joy.




Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Week by Buster

This has been an up and down week. I was down when my sister went away.

This picture is telling her to hurry home.

Then I decided to go to sleep and not think about it.

This is the mean cat of 22nd Street that you know, I think.

This is me and my chums having fun at the park. We are pretending to be very fierce. As you know, I am very dangerous.....haha

This is me and Gally not biting each other.

This is Chloe who looks a lot like Patrick but is not Patrick.

This is her and me and you can tell we both have fuzzy legs.

When it was Mother's Dad, Dad pretended that I had spent all my pocket money on a flower for Mum. This was a good idea and it is the kind of flower that can make your nose yellow if they do not take a bit off it.

Most of the pictures were dull in this so this is Baby Lily in the pool. She is now one.

This is Toby who likes the pool.

And if you do not know who this is you can read her name on her collar. She is posing pool-side.

As you may have noticed, after it rains you can see buildings upside down in the puddles. I just mention this in case you did not know it.

This is me saying to Mum to stop taking photos and go to the park already. There are about a hundred billion photos already. 

I hope you are having a good a week.




ps Mum says go to BonBonOiseaux's sale on FAB.COM.

She make uber cool jewelry.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Sister

This was a pretty good busy week! My sister came to see me from England, so she needed to see all my friends at the park like Charlotte and Baxter.

This is Charlotte and I-cannot-remember-his-name, but he is very nice.

Atticus is getting big and Baxter is trying to bite him and Enzo wants to know what's going on.

This is a bad photo, but you can see Atticus and other people.

On Sunday it was sunny, and Mum made me go to a street fair where people were eating hot dogs and wearing funny hats. I did not get any snacks.

When my sister was here, we had to go to the Gap. I do not often go shopping so the mirrors made me confused.

Maybe I could get used to it.

I got pretty tired so my head fell off my bed.

I often hang out with my sister when I can.

This is her foot.

She is always pretty glad to see me. I hope you are having fun with your family too.




Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Creativity Comes in Bursts

Mum got a note from my sister saying I was being a lazy blogger. I was very hurt because I do try to write good stuff like Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy and people like that but sometimes I do not manage it. This is me thinking.

This is me posing for my picture on the back of the book that I have not written yet.

This is Atticus a puppy at the park, because I know you like to see other dogs sometimes not just me all the time.

We saw these dogs at the street fair. I do not know if the one on the left does not like me or whether her tongue is always like that. Sometimes it is hard to know stuff like that.

The other day Mum left her salami sandwich on the chair by where she does her writing and I took it, and she yelled Bad Dog! at me and I was crushed and I did not even get to eat it all.

Then yesterday they went to see Henry who is on a horse but not a real one.

This morning it was raining round here.

We saw Omar going for his walk.

This is me back home wondering why I never get anything done.

This is me hatching a plan

to restructure the box that the PG Tips came in, which just goes to show that when you almost give up, if you are a creative person like me you will find something to do. So I have done a blog post and will have my nap now.