Saturday, September 27, 2014

Dogs in Art and Other Things

Sometimes when we walk back from the park, we walk past art galleries which have art in.

I think this art is quite good. It is of dogs made of glued together paper.

This is another one. It has teeth.

This is a dog that is made of china from the olden days.

In this picture it is Benny with a cake that is a work of art. The cake has elephants on for Elly's birthday. Knutty was there but Mum forgot to take a photo. I was not there.

This is me in the paddling pool yesterday. The pool is being refilled.

This is Jansey looking at the food dish that is at the bottom of the big pool. I do not think she will dive in to get it.

And this is me with a few leaves. Today it is going to be warm.

Not too much exciting, but I hope you are well




Sunday, September 7, 2014


 It is getting to be my time of year

when ginger and orange is extra stylish. Dad says this picture looks like some other dog because I do not have a beard.

Here's looking at you!

So this week I went for a walk by the river with Clyde

that is a puppy.

We looked at the river that Bodhi jumped in once and had to get rescued by the police.

I told Clyde it is probably better not to.

Clyde met another puppy and they played for a bit.

This is a kitten at the vet that needs a home just in case you have a home and need a kitten.

This is Bigfur that came to the park. I think his name is good. He also has a big head.

I am telling him something.

This is a strange picture of Jansey reflected in the pool.

And this is the other pool that has got a leaf in it.
We all know what that means......

I hope you are well and having fun.