Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Childhood, Some Fun Things and A Skippy-look-Alike

My puppyhood is a dim memory now, but people at the park were showing dog baby pictures the other day. Here are some of mine.

Here I am pensive.

Here you can see I am smaller than I am now.

Here I am looking a bit uncertain.

This is how I sit to this day, on the ottoman looking at Mum. 

Even in those days, they took pictures of me looking funny. So those are my baby pictures that maybe you wanted to see.

The other day Mum went to a show* where they had good stuff for dogs. She bought samples home and I ate some of them already. 

This is pretend bacon and eggs made by Life is Gruff.

This alligator has teeth and eyes but no body which means it is not dangerous any more. It is eating a nice collar which seems a waste. Swamp Dogs of LA

I do not wear a raincoat, but this is one of New York scenes.

This is like a statue that is in the harbor that I have seen in the distance. It would be good for Halloween. (Pets en Voyage)

Here is some toast that you can make with a paw on it, so you can think about your dog when you have breakfast. (Pangea Brands)

Mum says this is funny. I do not know why.

I do not think this is funny either, but Mum does. (Dog Snorz)

This is a dog that we met recently. He is called Elvis and looks a lot like Skippy that was in my family before me before I was born. He is very young and wants to play a lot. 

That is all for now.




* Pet products showcase organized by Pet News Now 


  1. Buster you were a very cute puppy before you grew into a handsome dog. I agree with your Mum that those pics are funny.

  2. I love the baby Buster photos ! Thank you for showing them again.
    The new puppy reminds me of thehamish ! His hair is longer and he has more white chest hair but the attitude and ears are all thehamish.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Those dog cookies look good enough for me to eat!! You have matured into a handsome fellow, Buster. Love Elvis!!

  4. Buster, I am sure may have told you already---"you are so precious!" Finding your blog on my screen makes me smile, instantly.

  5. Buster's new haircut is a turnoff ;(
    Very keen on the newcomer ELVIS!!

  6. My mum says you must have gotten lots of cuddles when you were little coz you were such a cutie. She bets you still get lots of cuddles, too. I like the toast the best! Love, Ozzy The Poodle in Pa.

  7. You were and, of course, still are, adorable. No wonder you were adopted by your Mum and Dad.

  8. You were very cute as a puppy.

    So was I.

    You still are.

    So am I.

    You are lucky you got to sample those cookies. They look delicious.

    Love from Ramses.

  9. You were handsome even as a puppy. Fun to see those baby pictures. You're lucky your people know dog treat people.

  10. You were the cutest puppy in the world and now you're the handsomest dog.

  11. I love your baby pictures! So cute! All those dog items are really cool!

  12. Awww baby Buster! So sweet! Those pillow cases are amazing, trust your mama when she says they're funny. :)

  13. Dear Buster, I have just read through several of your recent posts, and am chuckling madly. You are quite the humorist, did you know? You were also a darling puppy. I'm glad you got to sample those delicious looking treats, and I agree with your mum, the "Rules" pillow is both hilarious and too true. Keep blogging. You are good at it.

  14. Dear Buster, I LOVE your baby photos!
    You were adorable as a puppy and now you are adorable as a boy!
    Those dogs cookies looks delicious. The toast are very funny.
    Love those pillows. Lol! My daughter will love to buy both.
    I am glad to know your new friend Elvis.
    Many hugs and kisses to you!

  15. Just catching up with some reading and I'm so glad I saw this one! The bedding is HILARIOUS! I wish I could get them here. It's 100% what is happening in our household LOL. Buster, you were a very pensive looking pup. Exactly like Georgia. I always hope, under the serious woeful eyes, she's happy :D x