Tuesday, December 23, 2014

My 6th Birthday and Christmas as Well

I expect you have been waiting to hear about my birthday which was on the Winter Solstice that is a day that is very short.

Here I am being important on my rock at the park.

Charlotte was there and we played for a bit.

I am waiting for her to stop itching herself.

She itched herself for a long time.

Just by my house we saw Fatty looking at us.

Then I had a little lie-down on Mum and Dad's bed.

Then my good friend Knutty came over.

And we saw them decorate the tree that is not very big this year.

Then we acted crazy - mostly Dad.

Yesterday a parcel came with my name on it.

There was a card too.

It came from Alabama which is not round here.

Here is me with my stuffed elephant that squeaks and my plastic bone.
As you can see, my birthday was good.

 This is holly with berries and rain on it that we saw yesterday.

It is soon going to be Christmas. So I hope you have fun and get a lot of presents.