Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I think about food a lot. It is a very interesting subject.

Sometimes I worry what would happen if there was no more food.

After I have my breakfast, I go over to Dad to see if he has any bits of his breakfast left over.

Then I go down to see Pat the Crossing Guard and she gives me a biscuit.

I always sit to attention in the good boy position and look attentive.

This is Jada kissing Hodges, or else checking to see what he had for his breakfast.

This is Hodges and Jada wanting a treat.

This is Hodges being good.

When I asked Flash what the best food was, he said, 
"Sausage rolls!" I never had that, but I expect I would eat it too.

Then we saw Hughie, that is a sausage dog. I do not think that is what is in sausage rolls. I hope not. I asked Hughie what he likes best to eat and he said lox that is a kind of fish. I do not think there are any kinds of dogs that are like fish.

Charlotte is from the south and she said she would like to drink too. Maybe a mint julep. I do not know what that is. I got a stick on the way home and was eating it, then Mum took it away, and now I am waiting for lunch. That is all about food for now.

ps: If you ask me, I can tell you all the shops for miles round here that have dog treats. 




Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Hat

This is what happened the other day.

We were all at the park. You can tell that Oskar and Charlotte and me are a bit like each other.

This is Darcy wagging her tail on her way to the park.

Anyway, Flash's dad dropped a hat.

And everyone wanted it. Milo is running very fast.

First Olive had the hat.

Then Milo got it, but you cannot see it because it is not a good photo.

Now Olive is sad.

Then Gally and Baxter are on the bench. Baxter put his tongue out in excitement.

I am looking too.

Then Gally and Baxter turned into MONSTERS. So I went home.

I hope you are having a good weekend.




Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Edition

Happy Valentine's Day

First there is Darcy, then all my friends and Gally and Olive and Kirby.

This is a dog that we saw in a window that has a nice expression.
Valentine's is about love and romance. I mostly like everyone

like Biggie who has got a tattoo

and Lily and Milan who like dancing together

Hee hee this is me and Charlotte

Knutty was wearing a pink scarf when he came to tea yesterday

Flash is thinking about his birthday party which is tomorrow

Omar came from Morocco where there are
 a lot of roses so we put some round him.

This is Roxie and Enzo who like each other, I think

Maggie and Hodges play together a lot and this is a 
good picture of Milan and that is all I can think of.




Monday, February 6, 2012

My Week by Buster

Do you remember Oskar that was playing here around Christmas time?
Well, he is back and is going to stay round here. He is ten months old.

This picture is just here because it is a good picture of Flash who is my friend.

This is Kirby who is a puppy. All the human grownups drool. He is a nice puppy.

This is the puppy we got last week called Baby Gretchen. I have not seen her yet. 

This is me and Jasper in my bed when he came over

This is at the park when Darcy's mum dropped a bandana and we all wanted it.

This is me on the bench with the shadow of a very long dog.

I hope you are well.




I forgot to write about food but will do that soon.