Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy Summer

Today is the longest day of the year which means it will be light a lot.
This is what I did today.
I went to the park and there was a tennis ball

that was very squishy and wet.

So I squelched it for a long time.

Then Charlotte arrived and went swimming.

I was very glad to see her because she has had a bad leg like Enzo and I have missed her.

This is an action shot of Charlotte shaking herself. You can see the water flying around.

This is an artsy picture of Charlotte when she is still wet.

We went to a coffee truck place

and I hoped to get some  banana bread that James ate.

This is us wanting the cake that we did not get.  Other than that, it was a very good day.





Sunday, June 1, 2014

The News from Round Here

I see it is a long time since I have done a blog.
That is because Mum is lazy.

Anyway, now the weather is better, we have been to the park a lot. You can see that me and Olive are ignoring the rambunctious young ones like Puddles  and Jasper and Fowler. Jasper and Fowler are not twins but they could be. They are wild.

Sometimes I play fight with Jasper.

Mostly he play fights with Fowler.

When I get home I am tired and have to lie down.

A funny thing happened the other day. When we were going to the park, there was a mirror thrown away. But there were three of me in it. I have not seen this before.

It is the time of year when the sun makes stripes

which are mostly on the back of Moroccan cushions.

We went to the florist, where the cat is, to buy flowers for someone who does not feel well. The cat looked at me.

This is a painting in oils of me that was done Patty who saw my blog. Mum says it is just like me. Dad says it is very good, but my tail is bigger. She does a lot of pictures of dogs.

It is the first day of June.

I hope you have a good summer.