Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Some Thoughts about Food and My Friends

As you may already know, most dogs like food.

Here is a lot of us hanging round James. Dad says we should be ashamed of ourselves, but it is just what we do. You can see Biggie and Buddah and Arnold, Milo and me.

In this one it looks like I have two mouths but it is only Buddah.

This is Charlotte lying down thinking about food. She has got her tongue out already.

This is Enzo, that you know, in the middle. Woody has his tongue out.

This is Charlotte from this morning. I do not know what she is thinking about.

This is me making a shadow because it is spring.


Woody and Olive.

This is my friends Enzo and Olive.

If you look up in springtime you can see cool stuff like flowers.....

and a thing in a tree haha. Can you guess who it is?*




* it is FATTY!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Childhood, Some Fun Things and A Skippy-look-Alike

My puppyhood is a dim memory now, but people at the park were showing dog baby pictures the other day. Here are some of mine.

Here I am pensive.

Here you can see I am smaller than I am now.

Here I am looking a bit uncertain.

This is how I sit to this day, on the ottoman looking at Mum. 

Even in those days, they took pictures of me looking funny. So those are my baby pictures that maybe you wanted to see.

The other day Mum went to a show* where they had good stuff for dogs. She bought samples home and I ate some of them already. 

This is pretend bacon and eggs made by Life is Gruff.

This alligator has teeth and eyes but no body which means it is not dangerous any more. It is eating a nice collar which seems a waste. Swamp Dogs of LA

I do not wear a raincoat, but this is one of New York scenes.

This is like a statue that is in the harbor that I have seen in the distance. It would be good for Halloween. (Pets en Voyage)

Here is some toast that you can make with a paw on it, so you can think about your dog when you have breakfast. (Pangea Brands)

Mum says this is funny. I do not know why.

I do not think this is funny either, but Mum does. (Dog Snorz)

This is a dog that we met recently. He is called Elvis and looks a lot like Skippy that was in my family before me before I was born. He is very young and wants to play a lot. 

That is all for now.




* Pet products showcase organized by Pet News Now 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring has Sprung

I expect you were wondering when I would get my hair cut.

Well, I did! This is me before it

and this is me after it.

Apparently I look like a new dog, but, on the whole, I am pretty much the same one.

Here is me with Maggie.

On Saturday it was a good day at the park and we were running around like a dog gang.

We were playing a lot.

This is not a good photo but it is me and Charlotte and Enzo that are my very good friends.

This is Enzo looking handsome and the good dog that is like a mop with teeth that we were playing with. I have forgotten his name.

When I got home I had to lie down. Now the weather is getting warm at last. Maybe they will bring back my swimming pool at the park. This is what I am dreaming about.

I hope you are having a good time too.




Happy Spring