Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Water Fun and Other News

I hope the video of Maggy got uploaded. If you have time you can see it. She can swim under water.

This is her thinking of diving into the deep pool.

This is a lot of us round the deep pool. Maggy is on the right.

This is Charlotte in the pool.

Enzo can get rocks out of the little pool. I can only bat them with my paw because I do not like to put my face under water.

Did you know they had movies about bacon?

This is a dog that goes to Union Square on a bicycle.

My good friend Sid was at the park this morning. His profile is noble like mine.

This is an experiment in black and white but Baxter's head got chopped out of the picture.

That is all for now.





  1. LOL! That looked like a dog salad.

    Love from Ramses

  2. Maggy is a WONDER, Buster, for I cannot imagine liking this underwater activity AT ALL! I don't even like to get my paws wet, for goodness sakes. I'm with you ~ why put your face under water for no gull-darned good reason?!?!? That Union Square bicycle dog seems to eat well. Charlotte seems brave ... I might try to hang out with her some more.

    Woof, woof from Washington state,
    your bloggy pal,

    [p.s. my mom wrote this for me]

  3. Dog salad!
    Dogs swimming! I hope the pools are as nice as the pools in Paris!!
    Do they have foot baths?

  4. Hi Buster!
    Looks you have a great time with your friends!
    Many hugs and kisses to you.

  5. I would watch a movie about bacon, that movie should get lots of awards and biscuits- bacon is best actor! Your friend is very brave to go under the water. It is an idea but not a very good one. You are so hamsome! I love you,

  6. Maggie is a gud dug swimmer !
    The Union Square dog does not seem to like kale.
    Buster you always look so handsome.

    woofs Watson and thehamish

  7. Great photos of your mates Buster, and wow you have some very talented friends! The Team never dive, but one of them (Larry) can "snorkel" along looking for things of interest in the river when they go swimming which is usually every day, except in high winter!
    ....I'm convinced you should marry Charlotte, she's ever-so-lovely.