Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Quiz and a Joke

In case you do not have anything much to do, I have written a good quiz. You have to remember the names of some of my friends. This is to see if you have been paying attention during the year. One picture is not one of my friends. I wonder if you can guess?

1. This is ......................

2. This is ...............

3. This is.................

4. This is......................................

5. Haha. This is...........................

6. This is.......................

Wish I could give photo credit. A friend found it on Pinterest.

7. This is.........

Photo:Atty's mom.


11. This is ............................

The first person to send all the correct answers gets a really good prize. I will send it to you.

Happy New Year.




Monday, December 24, 2012

My Birthday and Christmas

My birthday was when it was the solstice

and it was very very wet and I did not go to the park and I got a leaf stuck to me. I was four years old.

As per usual Fatty gave me an evil look.

Then Knutty came over to see me.

He bought me a decoration of himself for my tree.

This is him with his mouth open taken with Mum's new lens that she will get over soon.

Me with the new lens.....

Some animal decorations in a shop.

Knutty's nose looking extra big!

Some cookies Mum made with Elly but not for me. It is a family in a forest. Maybe bad stuff will happen to them like getting eaten by trolls and witches. You never know

I have got a gingerbread man that was a present from Jo. I have busted his squeaker and taken his stuffing out. I hope you have a fun Christmas too.

Lots of


Friday, December 14, 2012

Merry Almost Christmas and What I have been up to

I expect you have been waiting to know what I have been doing lately. Well, on Wednesday we had Jasper to tea and we played for a bit and then

Jasper went to rest on my bed which is what he always does.

This is a new dog that is called Emma. Girl dogs seem to have names out of Jane Austen like

Charlotte who you know that I still like. You may think I am well read but I am not. Mum told me.

Even if I do not read much, I could maybe find a job as a contortionist or else.....

as king or emperor or something like that. Here are my loyal subjects Arnold and Flash. I know I am important because I was in another blog called Paris Breakfasts. You can read about me here, if you want to but you don't have to because Mum says I am not allowed to "toot my own horn"  whatever that is. 

Now for a game. Guess what this is?

It is an Alfred.

Here is Atticus when he had to be in time out because he ate stuff that they told him not to. (Probably rocks.)

I am telling him that probably his family love him anyway.

This is Baxter. 'Nuff said.

Hee hee. This is me!

I hope you are having fun and making plans for the holidays.




Saturday, December 8, 2012


It is a good thing to have some friends.

I mostly see them at the park.

Sometimes people play with each other and ignore me.

Sometimes I run around and have a good time.

This is me and Charlotte being like Egyptians.

This is me and Knutty being little rays of sunshine.

This is Milan being noble and soulful.

This is me looking like I always do.

This is Enzo when it was his birthday party and Jada tried to eat all the food.

You can tell it is Enzo because that is what he looks like.

Can you believe there are two of Olive?

The other one is called Leo. Those are some of my friends.

This is a cat giving me a mean look. I am mostly not friends with cats.

I hope you are well.




Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Sister

I hope you had a good Thanksgiving.

As you can see, my sister arrived from London. She arrived in the middle of the night and I was very excited then I went back to sleep.

When she is in London she misses me, so when she is here she in nice to me.

We went to the park a lot.

Then Gretchen was here and was eating yoghurt, so I licked her hand.

I have added this picture of Fatty because she has not been in the blog lately and this post is mostly about girls.

Just before my sister went back to England we had pizza and I licked the plate.

This is me and Enzo with Olive and Maggie. I do not know why I appeal to girls so much.

Anyway, here I am thinking about things like that.




ps Here is a post about ladies and their dogs and art from Sweetpea.