Saturday, December 28, 2013

My Christmas Holiday by Buster

This is what happened at Christmas at my house.

First thing: Fatty built a house outside my house. It is lumpy and scruffy.

People who like animals will think this pictures is funny. When Mum had nearly finished her ice cream sundae she noticed that there was a rabbit in it.

This is the new ottoman.

This is Knutty when he came to tea.

This is me on the new ottoman which has a cloth on to stop me getting it dirty.

This is me waiting for something to happen.

Then they put the tree up.

And my sister arrived in the middle of the night

and she snuggled me

and gave me a present she brought all the way from England. It is called "Sharknado"

Soon after that the kiddies arrived and no one took any notice of me.

Here is Gretchen with her hat on. Then we had a party and Ian-down-the-hall came. There are not a lot of photos of me. Oh well!

So now I am very tired and am having a nap with Sharknado.

I hope you had a lovely holidays too.




Sunday, December 15, 2013

Merry Merry and Season's Greetings

I have not done this blog for a long time because I am very lazy.

Here are some pictures that you have probably been waiting for. This is Patrick. I am in the photo too.

This is me and Olive. I am asking her to play.

Haha. Guess who is up the tree? FATTY!

This is Mona on the bench looking peaceful.

It has been snowing round here. Yesterday there was a "dusting" when we were at the park in the morning then there was a lot more.

This is Oliver with his festive-season bandana which is something I do not have. You can get one from with your name on.  ( I would like one, but I have just got bells.

White is the color of snow, so here are some white dogs, including Olive and Jasper and Donna who is sort of white.

Actually she is sort of not-white.

This is what it looks like round here.

So is this.

I hope you are having a super December.




ps Poor Enzo has hurt his leg and cannot come to the park for two months. I think he will be bored at home.

pss I  was given a good book about food for dogs called The Dog-Gone Good Cookbook. It has a lot of pictures of dogs in it. And how to cook things.