Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Sister

I hope you had a good Thanksgiving.

As you can see, my sister arrived from London. She arrived in the middle of the night and I was very excited then I went back to sleep.

When she is in London she misses me, so when she is here she in nice to me.

We went to the park a lot.

Then Gretchen was here and was eating yoghurt, so I licked her hand.

I have added this picture of Fatty because she has not been in the blog lately and this post is mostly about girls.

Just before my sister went back to England we had pizza and I licked the plate.

This is me and Enzo with Olive and Maggie. I do not know why I appeal to girls so much.

Anyway, here I am thinking about things like that.




ps Here is a post about ladies and their dogs and art from Sweetpea.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

More Rhymes by Me

I'm very important as you can see
Behind me you will see a tree
Beside me you will see Maggie

Olive's coat is very white
So you can see her at night
But you will not ever know
 where she is when it doth* snow

This is another pic of Maggie
Her coat is clean and not too shaggy

This is Flash who has nice feet
when I see him it is a treat

This is me at the butcher's door
He gives me chicken that I adore

Up upon the steps sits Big
For exercise he don't give a fig

This is me upon the rock
looking halfway up the block

This is me at home with snakey
He tastes like wool--I would prefer cakey

This is Charlotte that I love and it shows
Even though you can only see my nose

* poetic diction

That is quite enough poems for now




Happy Thanksgiving

ps from Elizabeth

Am loving Pamela Terry's beautiful book of essays From the House of Edward --based on Pamela's wonderful blog which I have followed for about six years. A wonderful Christmas present idea!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

It is Cold and Sid wants to go Home

Thank you for all the comments saying you hope we are well. It is very kind of you.

It is not meant to snow so soon in the year,

but this is what the ground looked like this morning.

There was frost on the old pumpkin.

When we got to the park, Sid was looking glum.

He did not want to play with Big Oliver

or Big Oliver and Baxter

He asked his Mum to take him home.

Then he asked my Mum to take him home.

They tried to fob us off with cookies.

This is me.

Then we went home. Other than that, things are much
 better and the snow is going away.




Sunday, November 4, 2012

Not the Best Week by Buster

Me and my family are fine, in case you want to know. Henry and Gretchen have gone to their cousins. There are six children there. I am glad I am not there.

Me on Monday morning when it is still dark. I think a storm is coming.

so no one is around because they are waiting and waiting.

Then Mum and Dad said, "Let's go and look a the river."There was more water in it than usual.

This is one of my friends who was there too. He is saying hello to me.

Everyone was looking at the water.

Then I wanted to go home.

Then it rained and rained and rained and the wind blew a lot. Then the TV went off and the lights too.

Mum said, "You must be very brave, Buster and walk down the stairs in the dark." Mum said to Dad, "Should I wear my bike helmet?" I was brave on the stairs and Mum waved her iphone and it made a light. It is still the storm.

In the morning it was a mess.

Lots of trees had fallen down.

This is near my house on 24th St.

This is on 25th St.

Then we went in Roxy's lobby because Mum wanted to plug in her phone. Roxy has a 'generator' that makes electricity.
Then it was Halloween.

Dad is not pleased because he cannot watch "Trailer Park Boys".

This pictures is to scare you.

This is me watching Mum and Dad eat dinner.

When it is night time, instead of traffic lights, they wave sticks.

When I went to the dog park, there were a lot of leaves.

This is a notice I saw. I do not think it is funny.

These ladies asked my Mum if she needed dog food for me. She said, thank you, but we are OK.  If they had asked me, I would have said, "Thank you" and eaten it all.

I saw Massi on the street because they have now locked the dog park. Then the lights came on after 4 nights and I can go down stairs in the elevator.

A lot of clean up is still going on. Mum said not to look for rotting food.

This is me with my Dad today. That is what happened this week.

I hope your week was better.