Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our Party

This is Mum and me at the party.
Kit took this photo. Mum is wearing my antennas because I did not want to.


I am in a hurry to get to our party.

Knutty was there. He is a cave man. He did not like his wig.

Biggie was a devil for a little bit til his collar-thing fell off.

Shio was Robin Hood. I am biting his feather.

Benny was a biker but you cannot see it much here.

Hee HEE. Gomez was a baked potato.
 Haha. He has got butter on him.
It is not real butter so we could not eat it.

He has got chives on too.

Ting made decorations. They were pretty.
I am running and running.

Gomez got to wear two costumes. He is a lion.
You cannot eat lions.

Then I wanted the same ball as Benny.
We had goodie bags from Gomez's dad.
Mum bust her camera.
Then I went home.

Happy Halloween

ps. my family is pretty health but Mum has got health insurance for me.
For humans you can get Health Insurance quotes here 

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Balloon and Knut comes Over

Mum and me found this balloon on the street.

It is pumpkin colored.

I took it in my bed to look at it better. 
That is where I take my important stuff.

I pulled and pulled.
Then it went BANG.

Then Knut came over and we played for a bit.
I showed him my bee costume that is for Halloween.

This is Knut looking to make sure I'm not sneaking
 up on him when he is eating his carrot.

You can see my bee costume better in this picture.

Then Knut went home.

ps: tomorrow is our dog party at the outdoor dog run (8-10 am 23rd St and 11th Avenue, NY)
If you are a dog, you are invited
Benny is being a biker.
Gomez is being a baked potato.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Present

1. Open box

2. Find gigantic BEACH STICK

3. Find POLAR BEAR with #9 durability.

4. Manage to break into bear's face, but am exhausted by the effort.
5. Have to lie down.

6. Then take bear into Mum and Dad's bed, which is a very safe place.

My present was from Dexter Woofnagle 
We like their names.
They also sent me some chicken treats and a calendar.
I am a very lucky dog.

ps. today was wet all day. Me and Mum were the only ones at the dog park.
 Then Knut came over. I will write about that later.


Saturday, October 24, 2009


Yes, it was me that did this. 
The rosemary plant was very, very small.
You will not miss it.

These are people making funny faces.
 Apple wants to play with Luna.
I do not know what the other dog is saying.

The tree is wearing army guy stuff.
Benny has got a coat like that.
I am in the background on my rock.

These leave are wet.

This is what I look at when I walk.

This dog is going in a car. He has got his seat belt on.

This is me near a fence.
Have a good weekend.


ps I just got a parcel in the mail!
I wonder what's in it?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Old Navy and a Box

We went to Old Navy yesterday.
There was this dog near the door.

I was a little bit scared of it.

This is me with the raw materials for my new project.
They sent it from Frances' shop with a coat in it for Mum.

I started to work, but then I had to think for a bit.

Details. Note puncture marks.

This is me shaking the box. 

I am calling it "UNtitled/UNbox #63"
Dad said, "Should I sweep this up,
 or do you think he wants to work on it some more?"
What do you think?


Monday, October 19, 2009

A Busy Weekend

This first picture is old. I'm going in for a smile
 competition from Dory's blog.
I am a baby in this picture.

On Saturday I went shopping with Mum.
Mum's friend Frances works at this shop
 and they have dog biscuits.

There are a lot of mirrors.

I heard that sometimes arty pictures are in black and white.
This is me and Dad's feet. This art work is "Europe, Ha!"
Mum said in a travel magazine there was a contest and
 she had a one in four thousand chance of getting a free trip
to Belguim. Now she can stay home and take me to Dog Park.
love from 

Saturday, October 17, 2009


I got a present in the mail.  It was from a kind lady
 called Leenie* who admires my art.
I am working on 'altering' it.

Creative people often have to take naps to think about things.

Sometimes I dream about Apple.

Sometimes I have nightmares from things I see in windows.

This is Mum's Halloween cape she got at CVS.
On the floor to my left is the remains of "ShoeBox #3"
Have a good weekend.

ps *from Buster's mom
Leenie is a wonderful blogger, artist and writer of children's stories.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Think About Noses

Noses are useful to sniff with. They are useful for finding stuff
 like where other dogs have peed and bits of pizza crust.
I have a regular nose.

Rufus has a super-duper, gigantic pink nose.

Chio's nose is lovely. She has an elegant profile.
That is Benny and Gomez in the background.

Gomez does not have a profile that I can see.
I do not know what happened to his nose.
Maybe it got smushed.

My friend Knutty has the best nose in the world. I am jealous of it.
It is very long and has a Roman curve to it.