Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving by Me

This is a long post because there is a lot of stuff (ing) in it. Haha!

This is another picture of me so you can see that I have fall coloring.
 I think you know that already but anyway....

This is Professor Joba who had his hair cut. 

This is big Henry at the park who has even a more noble profile than I do.

Here are some of the puppies that come to play. Dizzy is the new retriever and Connie and Anna are the Frenchies and the black one is Ella.

When people want to know what I give thanks for
 it is mostly for Pat the crossing guard who gives me cookies.

I am not thankful for leaves specially, but here they are anyway.

These are some of the young ones

rushing about like youngsters do.

Baxter is better from being sick. He does not stay still to have his photo taken.

This is Oskar who is new. If I was a sausage dog, I would look like him.

This is me ignoring the puppies.

This is me thinking deep thoughts.

And this is my best friend who has come to tea.

Thanksgiving Greetings


Buster and his family

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Various Things I am Thinking About

 This is the cat in the window of Pet Central.

who is giving me a mean look like cats usually do.

This is Knutty pretending he owns a house that is not his. He is being the lord of the manor.

After a bit, I did not want to play that any more. 

This is a leaf photo that Mum put in because she has a lot
 of leaf photos and not much to do with them.

This is me looking color co-ordinated for the season.

You cannot see my nose because of the Virginia Creeper that thinks it is a poinsettia.

Another leaf.

Dad and me putting up with Mum taking photo of leaf.

Me eating it.

I have just had my lunch and it is raining.
If you want to see Professor Joba go here




Friday, November 11, 2011

My Seahorse and What Happened to It

This is me in my house.
I am lying on the rug.

The other day I got a really good present from Knutty.
It is a seahorse and very beautiful.

After a bit I decided to take the squeaker out.

The best way to go in is through the head.

Then I took all the tummy stuff out and the squeaker too. 

Then Mum threw all the stuffing away and that is what happened to my seahorse.

I hope you have a good weekend.




Friday, November 4, 2011

A Post about Other People not Me

Even I am getting bored of me, so

here are some other pictures like a bird in a tree with fall colors

Evil Fatty looking at me.

Evil Fatty eating a nut.

A nice dog called Emma that is a Clumber Spaniel, 
that is a very greedy kind that like to eat butter and a lot of it all at once.

This is Jasper when he came to tea and he is on my bed like always.

This is Waldie who sent me his photo but it cannot be big because it will not look good. He is dressed up like a chocolate bar and got a prize.

I am only letting Timmy Willie be in here because he is very cute for a cat.

If you hit the youtube below, you will see what I did this morning.

Have a good weekend. I am now going to have a walk with Mimo.