Wednesday, April 25, 2012

News Flash!

Charlotte has gone to jail!

photo james rubin

This is a picture of her behind bars! Hee Hee. This is a joke.

Anyway, this is most of us checking to see who is coming to our park. From left to right: Me, Enzo, Gally and Charlotte.

In case you are worried Charlotte is really in jail, here is a picture of her and Gally.

This is Gally shaking his head so he looks extra smart!

You have not seen Professor Joba for a while. That is because he is probably asleep at Bobby's house.

This morning I met Ian-Down-the-Hall when we were going to the park.

When we got there, there were a lot of sticks that the wind had blown down. Kirby has got one and Atticus is looking at him because maybe he wants it too.

On the way home we went to a park with branches down

so I bust some of them up.

photo by paz

When I got home I had a nap.

This is a picture from a book by Valerie Greeley that is a friend of Mum's. I think that these ducks are waiting for their brother or sister. They will probably give this book to Gretchen before I can chew it. C'est la vie. That is French.




Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Dream Come True

You can see in the back ground that there is no pool in the park.

This is Olive and Gally and me.

Gally is wondering when our pool will come and Olive is looking down the road.

On the way home from the park I had a vision of water.

This is an extra picture of Baxter from this morning.
and lo and behold!
our pool appeared

I do not know why we are looking worried because we were glad to see it.

Baxter fell in, and Charlotte was in the pool a lot.

This is her jumping out of it.

I hope you are having a good time too.




Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Things and Weird Things

We went to the store to get me a new collar.

This is me hoping that maybe they have a treat as well.

As you can see, my new collar is blue.

Dad bought a new printer which came in a big box.

These are two pretty much new puppies at the park. They are called Tess and Bijoux.

Bijoux makes all the grown ups go goo goo.

This is them playing under the bench.

Darcy has has her hair cut.

Her mum is taking her photo. That is her friend Duncan.

This is a very cool picture of Milan and Lily. They like each other!

This is a dog called Angel that we know. She is not allowed to eat meat

but she has a very cool  costume.

There was a very weird dog with a wig on in a shop.

This shop had animals in it, but I think they are plastic.

This is a dog looking at a picture of another dog.

This is a picture by a very good artist, but I do not know who it is. This post is getting too long and I want to go to the park now, so that is all.




Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter

This is Gomez who I hadn't seen for a while.

He has a bubble hanging off his face .

This is me when we went for a walk and there was Easter stuff in a shop window.

This is Knut and our Easter lily.

This is me when I brought a stick home last night and the photo is bad because it was dark in the hall.

Mum was going to do Easter portraits of dogs, but most of them did not want to sit still. This is me and Charlotte wishing they would turn the water on.

And this is Charlotte where you can see her name on her collar and that her nose makes a good shadow.

If you like funny things, you will like this picture of Patrick playing with baby Ruka. His ears are sticking out.

This is Patrick more like what he looks like.

Me and Baxter and Flash's tail.

This is Maggie and Hodges having fun. So I hope you have lots of fun at Easter and Passover too and all the other spring holidays.