Friday, July 27, 2012

My Week and some Disturbing Discoveries

Yesterday I went to the vet.

There was a cat there in jail, but she is not dangerous. She was put in jail because her person died

Her sister and her have to stay in jail* until they get adopted.

These babies are in jail too but at least they get to play with each other. I got adopted when I was very young and do not remember anything about it. I do not know what happens if no one wants you. Mum will not tell me. Anyway, back at the dog park

here are Jansy and Cona (and my wet legs coming out of Jansey's ear)

This is me and Ruka in our pool which has got eyes in it today.

So, I hope you are well and never end up in jail.




Note from Elizabeth:

These cats and kittens are being very well cared for at West Chelsea Vets on 26th Street, but it would be super if they could find homes.Their phone is 212 645 2767 

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Things are pretty much back to normal. Knutty came over.

This is him on a bed.

This is me at the dog park. I think you may have seen similar pictures.

Someone has glued paper to a wall that looks like me.

Same as the above.

We now have TWO pools at the dog park, so Charlotte and me can have one each.

I like being in the water a lot.

That is Olive on the left. So, as you can see, I am having a pretty good time. I hope you are well too.



Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Vacation

This is Professor Joba waiting for me to get to his house for my vacation.

He pretty much always looks like himself.

Here he is on the back stoop.

This is me in the yard with the flowers Henry planted.

This is me pretending not to be greedy.

But it is hard when Joba is sharing my breakfast.

When we go for a walk, this is what the houses look like round here.

This is us on our walk, but it is a bad photo because it is impossible to take a picture and hold leashes and poop bags all at one. That is what Mum says.

I am looking happy to be lying on grass.

I hope you aren't too hot.



Friday, July 6, 2012

Lazy Blogger at Your Service

It is that time of year when I prefer to lie down in the afternoon.

 This photo of me was taken seven minutes ago.

My sister says I am a lazy blogger. Well, sometimes I am busy doing other things like unstuffing the bear Jo gave me and decorating the house with fluffy balls of Chinese innards. You will notice that my late sea-horse got washed and is now yellow again.

Some of you saw Biggie on TV (see last post). This is him this morning. Maybe he is not so fat.

This is me at the park this morning so you do not think I lie around the house all day. The black lab puppy is Jansy.

This morning Knutty came over. You can see the picture Dad did of him on the wall. I do not know when he will do my picture.

Tomorrow I am going to Long Island to visit Professor Joba, but I will not go on the train because I am too big. Mum took this picture when I was not there, because it was on the train.

This is a good part of my day when I see Pat the crossing guard. Me and my friend have out tongues out because we know we will get something to eat. That was this morning.

I hope you are not too hot and will have a good weekend.