Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Saturday

In the morning I went to the dog park.
Me and Bruno and Gomez are lining up for treats. I am sitting down already.

At lunch time we went to a street fair.
 This is me and Dad sitting on a stoop.

This is a man selling vintage toasters.
Mum told him I liked toast, so he gave me some.

My friend Angel was at the street fair.
 Her mom bought her a necklace to go wth her dress.

On the way home I had a drink at Klee .
Sometimes I like to lie down to drink.

Then I went home and played with my pink tennis ball.
That is what I did.

love from 

Friday, September 25, 2009

Gomez and other Stuff

This is a really good portrait of Gomez.
It looks just like him. His tongue is pink.

This is Benny with his ball. 
It does not fit in his mouth.

This is Knutty wanting to go home.
He does not like noisy dogs.

I saw some puppies in a pet shop window.

This is one of my ancestors.
He lives on 10th Street.

This is not a good place for a cat.
His master asked my mum for money.

This is me and Gomez.
This picture is on Mum's other blog too.
I hope you have a good weekend.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dog Park Life

This is my posse at the dog park.
I am now a teenager, so I have to hang round looking tough.
We sniff each other a lot.

This is Benny. Mostly he carries his tennis ball round.

This is Benny and Gomez. The guy in the middle is a new-bug.

This is a baby lab. He likes the pool like I do.

The wild white dog was mean to the puppy.
His mommy is holding him down because he was bad. 
She is kissing the puppy better.
I like to know what is going on.

Guess what! I am in a movie. SEE BELOW
I am eating a carrot.
Mum's friend Margaret made it --the movie, not the carrot. Haha.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Art and Life

My parents think this is very funny.
They call me "Monkey-Man" or "Mummin-Man".
I bet your family call you stupid stuff too....

Anyway, because it is fall, lots of sticks have been 
falling out of the trees. Haha!
This is my installation called Two Sticks Balanced
except it was not balanced for very long. It fell over.

Benny made a performance piece called Rock Slobber #18.
He does it by chewing on a tennis ball and rolling it on a rock. 

Everyone came to see it. Even the very big dogs.

love from

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bad Stuff and Good Stuff

I have found out something. It is a plot. 
There are lots and lots and lots of Fatties.

Mum said I should give it up. Mum's friend Paz
 said her dogs were driven mad by the tribe of Fatty too.
She heard of a dog that caught one. And ate it.

Anyway breakfast is a better time of day.

I lick my face in case there is some spare butter on it.

I do not fit on the ottoman any more.
Bobby said: Can that dog get any goofier?
I do not know whether this was kind.

Love from Buster

Friday, September 11, 2009

I Get an Award and think about ART

It is the opening of the art season in Chelsea.
This is Debris Field #31
As you can tell, I am not so confident about it as some of my other pieces.
Sometimes artists get discouraged when they are not praised enough.

Anyway, Mum and I were walking to Dog Park when
 we saw some cool sculptures going to a show.
This is a man and his dog.

This is the dog. It is all made of pencils. An excellent medium.
I am not provided with pens and pencils since
 the incident of the pen on the bed cover.
I mostly use my teeth.

Me looking at Evil Fatty.

I got an award from Twix. 
Yes, I am an AWESOME dog.
I would like to thank Trix and my manager and all
 my loyal followers for allowing me to get where I am today.
(I am on the sofa chewing my stick.)
I would like to pass this award on to Hero and Sedona.

Love from

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dad and me saw an old car. Dad is going to take a picture of it.

I do not fit in Mum's chair any more, but I do try.
They sometimes laugh at me. As my brother said many years ago:
Parents are meant to look after their kids not laugh at them.

This is an art work I did which has balance in it.
I 'altered' Mum's card for the laundry.
She said it had $16 left on it, and why did I do that?

This is me with my head underwater.

I was looking for my tennis ball.

Now I have got it.

love from 

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Quiet Week

Dad took this picture of me back home.

Bobby said I was smelly, so Mum bought special shampoo for me.
They put me in the tub. It was OK.
Now I smell lovely. This is a good thing since I met Darcy later that morning.

This is me looking at a feather which I have licked.

This is Bodie playing with me this morning.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Where's Fatty?

This is a game.
See if you can find evil Fatty!

This is me looking at her.

My first day back at the dog park. Me on the extreme left.
Not so pretty as the country but lots of company.
The beagles thought Mum had stuff in her bag. Beagles sniff a lot.

Mum says I sometimes look goofy.

Note from Mum:
I am having a cushion made with a portrait of his eminence made by Bags of Love.
Buster wants his portrait printed on canvas too!
He may get his wish.....!