Thursday, May 28, 2009


A branch had fallen off a tree on 9th Avenue.
So I chewed it for a bit.

When we saw a shop with dog pillows, 
I noticed all the dogs had clothes on.
I do not have any clothes so I do not
think I can be on a pillow.

When we went past the doggy day care on 21st Street, 
we saw the same guy as last time. He was sort of awake.
I think he looks sad.

Then I saw a man with lots and lots of dogs.
Maybe ten dogs. He was talking on his cell phone.
How can he know to stop when someone has to?
If Mum and Dad are out, George walks me.
It is just him and me.

I saw this lady on 8th Avenue. She is from Ireland.
There are mostly pigeons round here.
This one is green.

When we got home, Dad played with me.

Look how scary I am from underneath!

This is me looking not scary. I did not want to upset you.
Love from Buster

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More About Water. Big News From the Dog Park

Big news from the dog park. 
We have a swimming pool!

Duncan goes it it all the time.
He is a labrador. They like water a lot.

I did not swim that much. In fact I got out straight away.

There was a thing that squirted water too.
 It was hiding in the grass.

I tried to bite the water as it flew thought the air.

Then I got wet and had to shake myself.

As we walked home I saw part of a cake in a bicycle basket.
It was outside an art gallery.

My new bed is coming soon  from a place called
 Dad says I am a very modern and stylish sort of
 guy who knows about art and things. The fabric I chose
 is called URBAN ANIMAL. That is me to a 'T"
I will post a picture of me sleeping on it when it comes. 
love from 

Note from Mum: In addition to having modern dog beds, All has a nice selection of modern furniture and home decor from brands like Knoll, Herman Miller, Blue Dot and Alessi.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Product Placement and Ruff Water

When I had finished the big bag of Old Mother Hubbard puppy biscuits,
I decided to eat the bag.

Pretty soon Mum took the bag away from me since she said
 it had No known nutritional value.  Maybe I could be in an advertisement.

Then we went for a walk and I learned more about puns.
"Ruff" is what dogs say and the sea can be it too.
I have never seen the sea.

Because it is getting hot, some people put out drinks for dogs.
I like to sample them.

I never get 'choice of entree'. I always get Science Diet.

On the way home we walked past the doggy day care
 and we saw this guy. He was asleep in the window.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Some of my Friends and Something about Hydrants

This is Marley. He is not pretty and he makes snuffling noises.
He is quite friendly and lets me look at his tongue.
He cannot run fast.

This is Phinny. Mum says he has a very expressive face.
He can run fast.

This is a girl I met at the dog park.
I do not know her name.

This is me pulling on my lead. I think this is funny.
Sometimes other dogs do this too.

This is a notice on a tree. 
 Mum says it is about where I'm allowed to wee.

Some people make little gardens round the trees.
No! Not here!

Here is better.

ps. Now I'm a big boy, Mum and Dad are getting me a real dog bed.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Ponder my Future and have A Very Busy Day

This is IanDownTheHall. He is one of my friends.
He was going for a walk with his Papa and his dog Buck.

This is Fatty or one of her cousins. They are a big family
who all live around here and look at me. I am not friends
with them really.

Mum told me this monster is not real like Fattty and Ian are.
Some people have written to me to ask if I want to be a book writer
when I grow up. I do not know.


Mum took me to a bookshop so I could look in the window.

Then I saw a man with a really big motorcycle.
I saw a man with a helmet who builds things.
Perhaps I could be that too.

When we went to the dog park, there were lots of big guys there.

You can see how small I look.

I had to lie down when I got home.
I was plumb tuckered out.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nothing Exciting

When I am at home I either sleep or play with my toys.
I am trying to think what to do next.

I would like a real puppy but all I have is this stuffed one.

He does not squeak like most of my toys.

I bit his bottom.

When we go out, I see a lot of people's feet.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Some Thoughts on Art, Relaxation and Shopping

The other day the wind blew Mum's papers all over the floor.
She thought it looked sort of interesting.

I was tired after I worked on my art installation.
This is a melange of the New York Times and Architectural Digest.
Mum swept it up.

Sometimes I lie down on the street for no reason at all.
People laugh at me. 

This is the best window we saw when we went shopping.

This is me tied up outside the English shop.
I did not like it.

Friday, May 15, 2009

A Disapointment

When Mum and I walked past Petland Discounts at six o'clock
 yesterday morning I wanted to go in and buy Hill's Science Diet
 and maybe a present for me. But no one was there and it was shut.

So we went home and I sat in my chair and had a quiet smoke.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

That Plastic Thing

I got hold of that plastic collar thing.

And I put my head inside it.

Then I carried it round the room.

Then I chewed it some more.
Dad says he is going to throw it away.
So I am now chewing a bit of wood.

p.s. I am feeling good. Thank you for asking.