Monday, December 21, 2015


Today is my 7th birthday and the Winter Solstice which means it is dark a lot.

Elly and Knutty came over on Saturday and we had apple and cookies but we had to soak Knutty's cookies because  

he went to the dentist. But he is better now.

This is a dog I do not know who was outside a shop.
He looks like the sort of dog I would be friends with.

These are my regular friends - Charlotte and Biggie and Buddha.

This is my official birthday portrait which is in black and white to make it look important.

Yes, I do still go to the park but not so often.

This is me with two girls who you know - Charlotte and Darcy.

I got two Christmas cards. This one is from the Hamish.

This one is from James in Washington. I did not send out any cards this year.

Now I am going to have a nap on my sister's bed that is coming from England on Wednesday night. This evening we are going to decorate the tree that is in our house.

I hope you have a 
and holidays and a great new year.





  1. wuf wuf happy happy birthday king B!
    oh to have a b'day to have a party like your's! (orphanage didn't say when i was born). you have great looking lady friends, knutty also looks like he's ok. it's very dark here, too. bossy woman wants to have snow, i like snow as well. hope they saved some goodies to give you later. i've become very good at pegging so i get cookies a lot.
    have a good one
    the dog

    1. Well, we just gave him the winter solstice as a birthday because he was about 4 months when we got him!
      Hope you guys get some snow!

  2. HAppY bIRthDaY to you, Buster.
    It doesn't look like you have any snow? I bet you are happy about that! We have lots of rain and mom has put towels down all over the mudroom because our paws are filthy. I don't like to be wet (but I DO like snow, except for the "snowballs" that form between my toes - I chew them.) Rain makes me un-fluffy. grrrr. Baths, too. double grrrr. Well, you have a nice holiday. What do you think you'll get for Christmas?
    love from Isla way out in WA state.
    [my mom wrote this for me]

    1. dear Sweetpea
      I have not had a bath for ages.
      I do not like them anyway.
      Hope you get some snow!

  3. Buster, now that you are seven you are all grown up! I knew this anyway from the very adult birthday portrait your mum shared on Instagram. I really like it in black and white, too. Did you know that "the dog" in Finland was visited recently by your friend, Jo? I'm sure she misses you and will visit (with treats) soon. Thank you for sharing photos of your friends, I sometimes wonder what you are all up to. Was I mistaken or has Dream Date Darcy lost her title OR were you just being a gentleman in front of Charlotte OR was meeting both ladies at the same time a bit of a sticky wicket? You seemed to be taking it very calmly. If this happens again perhaps you can call on Knutty to help you entertain?

    Love to all in your household! Happy Christmas and have fun with your sister.

    1. Hee hee!
      Yes, I have two girlfriends . Both are nice.
      Have a great Christmas.

  4. Happy Birthday to you's also the winter solstice, and that's just another reason to mark it on the calendar. You are wearing your years very well, you're still as handsome as ever.

    Funny that you and I are both on a certain someone's Christmas card list.

    Happy Christmas Buster...I know you will enjoy seeing your sister in just a few more days.


  5. Buster, today is the Birthday of the nice tall person who walks us.
    He got some nice presents from me thehamish and our Mum.
    Sending Birthday woofs to you from us.
    Happy you liked Gud Dug Watson. We are missing him very much this Christmas.

    cheers, thehamish and gayle

    1. I'm glad you gave presents to the one who shares my birthday!
      Yes, you must be very sad without Watson.
      Warmest wishes and Mum says thank you for the lovely Christmas card too.

  6. A very happy birthday to you. I hope you really enjoyed it. Nothing like treats and friends for your birthday.

    You are looking particularly fluffy. I hope you are staying warm.

    It is starting to get cold where I live but probably not as cold as you. We don't get snow. But it is raining.

    I will be 12 in February.

    My Mom is making me treats for Christmas.

    I'm glad your sister is coming to visit. I know you like her a lot.

    Love from Ramses.

    1. Dear Ramses
      I am glad you are getting some good treats for Christmas. Food is the best present ever.
      I am fluffy because I do not like the dog groomer much.
      I think 12 is a very good age to be.
      love from

  7. Hi Buster! I was so happy to see a new post, I'm glad you are doing well, and Happy Birthday to you! I just had my 14th last Friday. My mum says you are looking quite soft and cuddly. Tell your mum to give you a snuggle from my mum.
    Love, Ozzy The Poodle In Penna.

    1. Hi Ozzy! 14 is a great age! Skippy who lived with my family before me lived to be 16 which is even better.
      It is not cold in NY so I bet it isn't cold in Penna either!

  8. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag und alles Gute
    wünschen dir Emma, Lotte und Frauchen

    1. Fröhliche Weinachten und eine Glückes Neues Jahr Emma, Lotte und Frauchen.

    2. I think this means all good wishes for the New Year and Happy Christmas.
      I wish you those good things too.
      PEACE from Buster

  9. Merry Christmas to you Buster and all your fine friends no family
    No snow yet even where I live in Northern Ontario
    I wish you love and peace and sweet dreams - and treats!!

    From northernbliss

    1. Buster and his family wish you a wonderful 2016!
      and maybe a little snow!

  10. Should be "and family"

  11. Happy Birthday to you dear Buster!
    Love always your photos and the photos of your good friends too.
    Your official birthday portrait is lovely too.
    Wishing to you and your dear family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Did you know that the dog that was outside a shop looks like so much my dear Flora? (photo 3)
    If you like to see, please click on FLORA

    1. Dear Sonia,
      You are right the dog outside the shop does have the same kind face as dear Flora.
      I bet she and Buster would have been friends!

  12. Happy birthday, Buster. You look even better than ever! Love the B & W portrait. Merry Christmas from me, Chloe, Baby, & Sassy to all of you.

  13. Your birthday is the same as my daughter Bella's, Buster. I hope you got as nice presents as she did! I wish you and your family a very happy Christmas. xxxxx

    1. Dear Karen,
      Feel we have dropped out of touch a little though I do look at your splendid photos often.
      Happy 2016 - and what fun to have a shared birthday!

  14. BUSTER!! Happy Birthday! So nice to hear from you. I miss reports on what you are up to with your family and furry friends. I hope all is well.

  15. Happy 2016, Kody !
    we will try harder to get Mum to help Buster write his posts!

  16. Late to wish you this, Buster, but Happy Birthday. Much to admire here: your official birthday photo, those two Christmas cards, that old-school blanket on your sister's bed, and of course your usual reflectiveness. Good things in 2016!

  17. Well who can believe it - 7! Congratulations and Buster my man you are looking as handsome as ever in your official portrait! You clearly engage a good photographer.
    I'm guessing you'll be dragging the blue boots our before too long. :)